November 24, 2011


Maybe I'd start going to my show receptions if there was tacos or pizza at the end of the stick. I need incentives. Critique and rubbing dry elbows does not entice. Needless to say I did not attend because I'm a jerk. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Maybe you didn't either and in that case I'm NOT sorry. Thankfully Rhinomilk via Arrested Motion did a little show coverage, click the image to link on over.

There's some stuff they didn't witness. Liiiiike El Tacobike showed up later that night- I really really need to finish up that bike. And there was a piece missing that night because I ran out of gas (not literally). But it's up now in the gallery and pictured below. I also threw in some filtered images I pulled off the INSTAGRAtuitous of cultofbeauty, chatos1013 & astrogirl.

Cool. Well, its up until the 9th of December. Thanks to all those that showed they face and made my Mom and Tia's night. They love you and your interest in OUR work. :) Special thanks to my loves in life that deal with my bullshit (whack hours, favors, errands, shitty attitude) and general weirdness. I love you countless. 

ADDENDUM:  Cukui did up this shirt of my Cria Cuervos print.  I guess it's sold out now but it came out real cute.  


November 19, 2011

November 17, 2011


         Congratulations niño Clay!  That's what my Mom and I call him.  I love this guy. 23 yrs old,  The youngest Cy Young recipient since Dwight Gooden.  He's amazing!  He racked up a bunch of mantel pieces- Gold Glove, Warren Spahn recipient among other recognitions.  If you look above his head I drew in three little crowns. :) 

Check out his press conference.  Where he said the following
"I don't really care who I pitch against or what team it is. I will say, the giants are a rival and it's always fun to beat them, no matter what."
and also this re: Matt Kemp :)
"I'm looking forward to Tuesday, I hope they get it right."


November 15, 2011


      My feelings about Marquez/Pacquiao III can best be expressed through this satirical illustration. 

      Our crackpot investigative team (my friend Carlos) sent me these opinions (tweets) from some notable sports figures. 

@SUPERJUDAH Zab Judah- "Robbery!!!!"

@andreward Andre S.O.G. Ward - "Marquez won this fight, period!!"
@jeanpascalchamp Jean Pascal- "On my card Marquez WON!!!!" 
@AmirKingKhan Amir Khan- "Look mayb a good draw or marquez by 1-2 rounds." 
@PaulMalignaggi Paulie Malignaggi - "Dont ask me about the fight I will not give you my opinion except that I thought Marquez won #tk!"

@AndreBerto Andre Berto-  "Smh WOW..... Come on u know Top Rank wasn't* gonna let Marquez **** the money up!!! Great fight though"
@RealJoeCalzaghe Joe Calzaghe- "Just watched Marquez v Pacman and have to say thought Marquez was robbed! Thought he won the first 2 fights also!" 

@ChrisArreola Chris Arreola- "Marquez won, true champ. Let's see Mayweather-Pacquiao. ****."

@DarrenBarker82 Darren barker - "Just watched the fight Jmm won that in my eyes clearly!"
@andredirrell Andre Dirrell- "I really think so! But its so hard 2 sayRT @serhandayi7: @andredirrell JMM had a great night.....he'll always be a style problem for Pac" 
@jcchavezjr1 Julio Cesar Chavez - "Gano marquez hoy. Fue un robo juan manuel gano claramente. esto esto es malo para el boxeo. Saludo a todos"
@SUGARRAYLEONARD Sugar Ray Leonard - "The fight against Manny vs Marquez surprised everyone except Marquez! What a display of mental, spiritual and physical training of a boxer!"
@_FernandoVargas FerozFernandoVargas - "MARQUEZ 8 - 4!!!!!! THEY BETTER NOT ROB MARQUEZ!!!!" 
@THEREALBHOP Bernard Hopkins -"@FloydMayweather blow thru @MannyPacquiao easy!!" 
@TheArtistPerez Michael Angelo Perez - "If I was #Marquez I'll be holding my head high , cause the whole world know he won. **** what the judges say." 
@1Babybull Juan Diaz - "Great fight for the boxung fans but bad decision by the judges" 
@ChinoMaidana Marcos Maidana - "Pobre Márquez lo robaron!"

Marvin Hagler - "Disgusting result! #ROBBERY!" 
Oscar De La Hoya - "I'm still sitting on my couch in disbelief. Paquiao cannot compete with a counter puncher like Marquez. Juan has the Patience to wait and capitalize on mistakes. I think this shows how superior mayweather is." 
Andre Dirrell - "Ok after this fight, I don't know what 2 think! Did JMM just have a good night, or did Pacman put on a great possum show 2 get MW! U TELL ME. GO GET YO GLOVES ON AND COME WHOOP THIS DUDE!!!! PACMAN CAN'T SEE YOU!!!" 

Steve Cunningham- "All pro fighters I know ,guys which know what to look 4 in a fight had jmm winning. It's not just entertainment to us its a #lifestyle#"

Anthonydirrell- "If y'all think that they was bout to lose out on 150 million y'all crazy" 

Matthew Macklin- "It was close but still wrong...and for it to happen THREE times!!!!!?? WTF!!!" 

Terry Norris- "Wow! Thought PAC man would win. But clearly Marquez was robbed again. PAC did NOT win this fight." 

Omar Henry- "Wow I just watched Pacquiao get beat and Marquez get robbed!!!! and yes I was one of the people in the crowd booing the robbery!!!!" 

Rashad Holloway- "I'm team Pacquiao all day but Marquez won this fight hands down. Sad to see how politics run this sport when fighters work so hard." 

Anthony Mundine- "I luv PAC too...but he lost fair & square...but I'm sure he will return stronger...PAC v Marquez 4 #bringit. Actually I change my mind! Marquez deserves the pay day v money!! As he was really the victor! Don't think I wanna see 4. Even tho money." 

Erik Morales- "Nos robaroooon y feo. Marquez total reconocimiento es el segundo mexicano que le pone en su madre a pacquiao, gano y gano muy bien felicidadees!" Which translates to English as "They robbed us and it was an ugly robbery too. To Marquez total recognition, he is the second Mexican to beat the sh!t out of Pacquiao, he won and he won nicely. Congratulations!" 

Kendall Holt- "If u thought Pacman won or if Marquez needed the 12th to win its clear u don't know ish about this sport." 

Peter Manfredo Jr.- "Wow, after watching this, I better not leave it to the judges next week!!!"

November 9, 2011


Some old, some new. Little show over in Japantown. Go check it out.

In threes. How saaaad. QEPD

August 5, 2011


  Prints are the way to go. There's no sobbing goodbyes with the original or in this case an empty feeling  of the piece being just an imaginary pile of pixels saved onto my desktop. Why don't I make prints of everything?! I dunno. But thanks to some insistent ladies out in Kentucky I finally had some made.  Both of these were a limited run of 10.  I've got about 4-5 left of each.   As with everything in my life, each is uniquely glittered.  Signed and numbered as well.
"No Hay Rosa Sin Espinas" 23"x 20" on matte heavyweight paper, uv resistant archival inks

     This is the print leftover from the artsprojeckt show earlier this year. It's of an older piece that was chosen by the curator.   If either of these prints interest you or you would like to find some other legal way (MtsyZazzlejunk) to stuff my pockets get a hold of me.  Thaaanks!

"Vuela, Vuela"  17" x 24" on matte very-heavyweight paper, uv resistant archival inks.

August 1, 2011


I want to live on this youtube channel forever! Fortunately there is countless heaps of awesome, more than even my vapid no-life of leisure allows me to get through. Still, I only nibble and lick off all it's recognizable features and wrap it right back up in it's gold foil. I must make this hollow chocolate bunny last. Like when I re-watch the sole season of Freaks and Geeks unhurried and in moderation because once Daniel gets all gutter punk on us it's a fasttrack of hermaphrodites, dwarves and disco. Then what? High and dry. High and dry.

Watch all your faves pour their hearts out through beautiful cinematography in these take-away shows. Here's two three of my favorite ones (so far). See Carla Morrison choke up and let the sadness out at the 4 minute mark. Aww, endearing.

July 15, 2011


     My Godsons, los igualitos, Alex and Alexis turn 7 today!! 7? How'd that happen?  I don't know.  I also don't know when they became such noveleros.  When I called to wish them a happy birthday all they wanted to discuss were the soaps Teresa, Raphaela, Triunfo del Amor, Dos Hogares,  Cuando Me Enamoro...oh brother. <3!!

July 8, 2011


       Just had a birthday. I had a small affair inspired by the party Stella (from the movie by the same name) threw for her daughter Jenny and by the colors pink and yellow, pink and yellow.  Here's some shots from what I learned is called a "table scape" and my other decorations. Pan to a week later and I'm still kicking my way through balloons on the floor and I've done the minimal to restore things back to order.   Can I leave it year round you think?

Pink and yellow candy bar.

       My Best friend girl LittleMissCuppyCake made some delicious rose frosted black bottomed cheesecake cupcakes and S'more cupcake minis! And helped me with the icing on my cake.

My guest of honor Isis, got all kinds of chocolate wasted!

And I got presents! Presents are my best thing.

Thanks everyone!
The End.

Also, el Tacobike recently made the CBS news.  I'm famous y'all!!! Click the screencap for the linkskie.

May 13, 2011



   They chose this piece for the print. Took some horrible crap pictures from the touch but you get an idea for the size.

     If this is all new to you, you're still living off the grid (faceplace).  Made some more commerating "Zerts."  This time for my big brother's birthday.  The logo and shark fins are made of fondant. Went with the og sexier logo here.  Ugghhhhh, there should have never been a game 7 but whatever whatever.

     Went to LA to get my Fernandomania blanket.  People think i'm joking but it really will be my child's recieving blanket. My intentions were to get this westsiiiiide Dodgers foam finger but I couldn't find the bootleggers. Are you in the LA area? ¿Me lo compras?

      It was our first time sitting out in the left field pavilion.  We even made it on to Dodgerfilms. :)

March 31, 2011


    I send in onnne little image to one of my favorite Dodger blogs Vin Scully is my homeboy and all of a suuudden I'm accused of trolling forums and posting on message boards. I've never even thought of what user name I would have (EtchohuaquilaPark78) or nothing.  But I am always thinking up dumb retorts and smack to talk (back) that are best expressed through my photoshop skills. Usually they stay in my brain, this one actually made it to out.  It was well received.... bad news. That is all the encourgement I need to continue on my 2011 campaign to further pollute the interwebs with horrible hackneyed animated gifs & "shops."  Some folks (three) found it offensive, having anticipated this con-TRA-ver-sy I made a radio friendly edit.

   I still think the original version is more impactful and in the tradition of parking lot bootlegs I'm accustomed to.  I'm from the school of Calvin Hobbs pissing, little English hooligan kid flippin the bird and overall placing  a prefix/suffix of the suck or f*ck variety next to whatever team we're up against. It's comforting to me.  But I understand.  Like I wouldn't send my Dad the first one, but maybe the second one.


This is just a reminder.  Giants fans have always been stank, and that was before they even won ANYTHING.  So you can only imagine now.  FOH with your banner flying over our stadium.
Get hummmm-ble baby.

Let's revisit some of my old work.... (this should be animated)

And the crowd favorite and hilarious Apocalypto Chente...

I need to get cracking on my .psd catalog.
Opening day!!!
 So excited.  

March 4, 2011


     KNOW NOW that if we play Words with Friends you're in for some deep shiiiit.  And I'm not boasting about the level of my gameplay but actual deep-lifes important decisions- type shit.    So don't engage unless you're ready for some in-game sideline WORDS with your friend Mitsy.  I didn't capture the rest of this chat, but it concluded with some cruise control reassuring from my friend.  "You'll adapt (really?)/ "you'd be a good Mom" ( I guess I do have birds?)   She doesn't know these are just my general concerns about child REARING, it'll take me a few rematches to voice my fears about "some dude jacking me and his sperm growing in my stomach" as Lizard Lemon put it. 

Note: I have no WORDS etiquette according to one A. Merriweather so be warned. I'll lock up the board with nonsense, blitz, sidebust, cock block and roll- all that, believe it.  Turn off your notifications cause I be on some late night word formulation.

Step to, step to....
Username: Murky_Dismal

March 3, 2011


      Made these corn dog cake pops for my best friend's (girl- childhood to ∞  category) birthday.  She loves corn dogs and is a corn dog.  These are "inside peanut butter outside jellllly" no they're not.  I just wanted to quote  Cadillac Don. They're actually chocolate innards, peanut butter shell with vanilla yellow candy melt "squiggle". 

I also made her some sugah Wu-kies from my own cookie cutter.

ANNNND the other day was my friend Nancy ah- ah- Ahn's birthday.

  Made these along with Melanie, my best friend (girl, high school- ∞ category) when she came to visit for CraftCamp spring 2011.  Hope you enjoyed the musical component of this post. :)