October 21, 2007


Not that I get hella traffic, but my REAL website has been compromised. I guess my web host was hijacked so I just thought I'd explain my url's new interface. It'll hopefully be back up soon. In the meantime you can reach me through here, click the links above to email me or visit my space. Oh and the new "paintings" link (on your left) is still working.

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October 5, 2007


I'm pretty much famous by now. I was recently blogged about on The Coveted. Homegirl thinks I'm rad, I think she's rad. Jennine is a lady and scholar, check her blog for cute get ups on the daily and all things fashion, art & culture.

Now that baseball is a wrap. Lets be friends. Three hours of my day just opened up. My interest wanes in the postseason. I've made my predictions but there's no real joy in seeing other teams win. Although, I did enjoy the Padres being eliminated and I'm enjoying the Tribe going up 2 games on NY. Good games. But before the seasons end, Ramo and I were watching an A's game (he's an A's fan, I just like tuning in to perve out on Jack Cust, shaaaoooo!) when we started making up new rules we'd like to have implemented for next season. Some of which would have been key in recent decisions.

On the fall equinox one player from each team has to play drunk.

At least one player must dress in Old Tyme style, small brimmed cap,
baggy wool uniform, and either mutton chops or handlebar mustache.

The Yankees and Red Sox have to secede from the American League and
start a new league where they only play each other.

If a team scores 10 runs in any one inning they win the game.

If the pitcher hits the batter with the ball, the batter is allowed to throw the ball at the pitcher butts up style, but not in the head unless he was hit in the head.

On a full count, when the catcher throws the ball back to the
pitcher, if the pitcher misses the ball, then the batter is issued a

If the runner on first is chunky town and has taken no lead, the
pitcher is not allowed to pick off the base runner.

On a pick off play if its the second attempt at a pick off on the same runner in the inning, and the runner is called safe, the pitcher then has to throw underhand to the batter each time it happens.

If the batter has two strikes, he can only foul off three more foul balls or else he is out.

You are automatically out if on your first at bat your helmet is
covered with pine tar so much so that you cannot make out the logo.

Outfielders are allowed to switch positions during any inning.

All bases will have light up sensors so when the runner touches the base, it lights up.

Infielders gloves must have charcoal tips in case of discrepancies on
tag out plays.

If the coach is a former player, he must wear his old uniform.

Players are allowed to wear no more than 2 nylon titanium coated performance enhancing accessories (necklaces)

If your bat breaks more than once during a game you are not allowed anymore at bats.

There are no base line rules from third to home, you do the math.

If the player is small, he is allowed to juice only enough to be as big as the other players.

Each team is allowed to argue up to three calls each game. The call will be decided by pares o nones.

If the bat boy or girl misses a grounder in foul territory, he/ she must do 40 push ups or take a lap.

Every player is required to take a language for two years. Encouraged languages are Spanish, Japanese, or pig Latin.

The catcher can call for an intentional walk, and the batter can take first base. The pitcher does not have to throw four balls.

If the pitcher age exceeds 42, his first born son is allowed to bat for him (applicable only in the AL)

The team's closer must be brought out by piggyback. Piggyback duty will be designated to the pitcher exiting the game or the blown save leader.

What do you think? Sure some make the game even longer, but it'd be entertaining. Besides some of the rules cut down on time. While we're on the topic of baseball, and since you won't be hearing a gripe about baseball from me for at least 5 months. Maybe less if you count spring training, trades, pitchers and catchers, or winter league. Did you all hear about the fate of Barry Lamar's record breaking* homerun ball? I guess the asterisk branded ball of twine will be heading to Cooperstown, the public has spoken. :) Mark Ecko bought the ball at auction and conducted an online poll to decide it's destiny. The results are below...launching it to outerspace was my second choice. There's another site set up to decide the fortune of Bond's record TYING juiced ball at EndTheDebate.com...that one asks "save it or smash it" Guess what decision is in the lead?


My little nephew Marco just turned three, here are some party pics. Poor guy, he burned his nose lashes blowing out the candles.