May 13, 2011



   They chose this piece for the print. Took some horrible crap pictures from the touch but you get an idea for the size.

     If this is all new to you, you're still living off the grid (faceplace).  Made some more commerating "Zerts."  This time for my big brother's birthday.  The logo and shark fins are made of fondant. Went with the og sexier logo here.  Ugghhhhh, there should have never been a game 7 but whatever whatever.

     Went to LA to get my Fernandomania blanket.  People think i'm joking but it really will be my child's recieving blanket. My intentions were to get this westsiiiiide Dodgers foam finger but I couldn't find the bootleggers. Are you in the LA area? ¿Me lo compras?

      It was our first time sitting out in the left field pavilion.  We even made it on to Dodgerfilms. :)