October 17, 2013

Pachucas, Cholas y Chundas

      Chola of all trades Mayra "Breezy" Ramirez invited me to be a part of Homegirls, a chola themed group show up in Oakland at Amor Eterno. You know I love a theme!  But somehow I never went through a chola phase, only a poorly drawn eyebrow phase. Some might argue I'm still in that phase.  And somehow my neighbor/best friend's lightweight gang banging accounts were far from authentic and I didn't come close enough in proximity to the real ones on my block to get an impression. So for my pieces I drew inspiration from where I learned everything I know about cholas, one of my favorite movies of all time Mi Vida Loca.  This is my digital drawing of Whisper (who was not an actress) in her foreshadowing window scene with Sad Girl right before the big show down with Mousey at "...the logs, where you (Sad Girl) became a slut with my vato! (Mousey's vato, Ernesto. Why didn't Ernesto have a nickname? Idk.)"   That, that right there should tell you just how much of a chola I am not and never was when I describe Sad Girl and Mousey throwing down as "the big show down" or that I even tried it by attempting to rectify and say "throwing down." :/  Ohmaiiigah tho, did I tell you I found the real Whisper on facebook and I've shown incredible self-control in not adding her as a friend even-thoouugh she's a Dodgers and Raiders fan. Just saaaaying I have NOT completely ruled out subscribing/following/poking her though.

      Printed up a few of these (they came out kind of crappy), signed them and added a different Whisper quote on each.  I framed one in a cheap county fair prize type picture frame that I scribed into.  I always loved the honey bear on the window sill and the backlit over-processed mesh of feathered tresses on Whisper in this scene. 

       Aside from something illustrative that would be representative of the culture,  I wanted to  reproduce some of the tendencies in their vestments. In another nod to Mi Vida Loca, I embroidered Sad Girls Y Que,  the title of one of the vignettes in the film, onto these china doll slippers.  I covered the sole of the maryjanes with brown pañuelo and adhered them to a knock-off charlie brown polo. Same treatment behind the embroidered snapback that I tagged up the bent brim of with the different siiiiides of San Jo and the names of mi "clicka" (really just the nicknames of my brothers and mine).

     On the left, I made mexi name bracelets of my hometown(s) and single chain knit faux "jelly" bands knotted up the choli way.   On the right, I embroidered and sewed an escapulario with praying hands and  the └A logo on it. I'm pretty sure escapularios are every Mexican babies first accessory, miento, maybe second next to an ojo de venado bracelet or baptism medallita that you are never allowed to wear because you'll lose it. The scapular was admittedly in part for the show and also to send my boys (los doyers) some prayer. :/  

      The show runs until the end of November.  Go see it! Or watch this video!  You'll see my knit Baby Cortez from my previous show in there too. Fun bunch of arteests and pieces.  If you're up in Oaktown hit up the gallery on 18th ave, rumor is the property was once Bruce Lee's party house.  Kewl.