September 7, 2009


A few months ago, Will of The Mumlers asked that I draw up something for their sophomore release, Don't Throw Me Away. (Which is out everywhere TODAY, yall.) Now, I was hesitant because that shit never works out. There's far too many people to please and I have far too many insecurities about my own ability to have others call it into question. I always feel too sucky for big projects...shows-residencies-commissions-murals-tattoo sketches-grad school-marriage. You can't lose if you don't try- aim low. (Now you know, if I've ever passed on something, it's usually me not you.) Now, that they actually got me to commit (HUGE) in the first place is pure circumstance. No knock on the Mumlers, because I love their music, but I DID just happen to get on board around the new year- a susceptible time of reflection and over ambitious pinky swears of change.

I was crazy obsessed and whiny through it all. Luckily there were folks around buttressing my sunken shoulders through the whole process. Feedback from the band/ label helped as did Ramo telling me to think all bad cause everyone else does. (: Thanks guys. I also figured this is right in line with my dream to leave a legacy of merchandise tucked away under glass cabinets in my basement like ex-pro wrestlers. Finally I'll have something other than digital files to remember my originals by.

I did all the text & innards by hand, and the layout.

They also used one of my woodburned pieces for the pink 7in single. Here's the video for that single...

This one is my favorite

Their official record release party is set for later this week...

Addendum: The Mumlers are on the itunes home page, they did a fun treatment for the band with some of the elements of the album cover, like my font and drawin.