May 8, 2012


My favorite Samoan (non wrasslin' tag team, non 80's pop supergroup of brothers and sisters) 
R.I.P Junior Seau

Threw this tribute together for MCA, with a sampling of Oprah rapping to "Hold it now, hit it"

These are my nephews Diego & Pablo after we made some ceptors and crowns for their Max costumes.  R.I.P Maurice Sendak.


    Back before I didn't have all the colors to work with (a goal) and before lazy folks started mailing it in (just writing the clue instead of drawing it) I would dilly dally with drawsomething.  I've drawn tons of Lil Weezys and most recently a hologram Tupac.  I'm sure I'll be lured back into the app's deathgrip if it ever updates it's rolodex to include maybe a vulgar Lil Kim, metalfaced doom or humptyhump shock G.  Notice I'm only motivated by hippety-hoppety subjects.  Like in real life.


May 7, 2012


      My pal/once co-worker Carlos Legumes was on a mission to have a lurk-see of an Aztlan journal I was featured in and covergirl of.  Probably just to later quote me so I'll feel like an asshole. Check it out though, he hit a snag at UCLA's chicano studies research library.  The librarian could make no sense of it. Both copies, gone, ghost. Just like I like it.