January 15, 2008


Some of you may have received this in your mailboxes/respective myspaces yesterday but here it is for those I missed in the blanketing. The show will be up for 2.5 more weeks. Click the image for the gallery's website & more details.

Artist and writer Timothy Buckwalter wrote up a piece about my stuff in the East Bay Monthly, click the article to view it on his blog with workable links otherwise read the screen cap below. I hear there's a mention about the show in the Piedmont Post but I haven't picked up a copy. Woooo!! Creating a buzz in all the respected news sources. Look for me in the PennySaver next and other complimentary leaflets, circulars and high school gazettes. ;)

EDIT*** Here's the Piedmont Post mention in electronic form. Correction-the catch phrase is "tururu" and I wouldn't exactly say I was raised among a "family of fine artists" but thats cool, I guess. :)

I also came across this review of the All Star Hustlaz show over at the KQED website. Blah, Blah blah skip to the part about me..."...Mitsy's Dos de Tres Caidas, a precious yet biting mixed media wall piece shaped like a tiny boxing ring. It was decorated with a Pacifico beer label, a furry Sasquatch, and glitter. I freaking love glitter!" Who doesn't appreciate glitter? I don't however like how it's now on everything I own.

Noooooooo!!! Seems big baby Bynum is out for 8 weeks!!! Ughhh, right when I got League pass too now I'll HAVE TO witness the Lakers flop. The two oafs next to him better step it up in his absence or like I stated in previous posts...yet another disappointing season. Stupid subluxation of his patella, whatever that means. I guess 7 straight wins is where the streak ends. Last night they played into over time against the SONICS!! Seattle has only won 8 games all season. :( LA has a tough schedule ahead so...Let us pray. And a Sana Sana colita de rana...For Bynum

And because there appears to be a direct correlation between suggestive lyrics, video vixens, the talk box and an outpouring of crowd participation i.e myspace comments. Here's something for all still reading this.

Oh yeah, finally had Christmas.

January 4, 2008


Stupid precipitation nearly killed me twice today. I'm not driving BACK UP to Oakland for tonight's reception because the weather is gnarly and I haven't slept well in weeks BUT you can, if you want. Here are the details

330 40th St. (at Broadway)
Oakland, CA

A closing/make up reception is rumored for next month, I'll probably be at that one. Tonight though I party at home streaming Lakers/Sixers off the internet and celebrating being lazy again.
Did anyone catch this game? I blame the throwback short shorts for the loss. Or the Celtics are just that good. Haha, they changed at halftime.

Also...really? Really? This song in my head all week. Ughh. The video IS hecka tight though.