September 6, 2006


    To your Del, I move my Ultraman. He's now based in Los Angeles but was born and raised around the Bay. Truth is, I can't even battle rap you right now because I need tommygun surgery on my shoulder :) (BTW-smile emoticon is the new puctuation) Here's this picture I drew up recently of my friend Shawn to replace this old drawing he had been using for his cd covers. The old drawing won out in a 10 minute drawing contest between my friend Ben and I, it was really old and rushed so I'm glad he asked me to revamp it.

September 5, 2006



    I'm hesitant to blog this because I was set on keeping my non-posting streak alive. But seeing as Ricardo has slowed down, I think it only fair to strike now before I get buried under a slew of new drawings he's probably got brewing. I ran across an old image of a pre-hyphy slimmer E40 -this must have been before he and Chester McGlockton opened up that Fat burger in Pleasant Hill- and decided to stir up my very own SoCal vs NorCal rap war after Ricardo put up his hip hop portraits. What better rook, pawn, knight to start off with but the Ambassador of the Bay, Earl Stevens.