December 10, 2010


     On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me TWELVE East Side Story L Peeeeeees.  The photographs on these are so rad and the albums have the original tracks! Copyright laws are for the birds. DO NOT give me permission (have them shipped) to open gifts before Christmas because I can't NOT open them.
     I also received  the May 18, 1981 issue of Sports Illustrated with "Rookie Sensation" cover boy Fernando Valenzuela.  I have this weird Larry David "bathroom contamination" fear about magazines.  Luckily it came in a plastic sleeve- it's in really good condition for a nearly 30 year old mag. 

      That's it.  I'm accosting Fernando next time LA  is in town.  I will hug him,  stare directly into his upward gaze (yes I will request he simulate  his signature wind up) get his autograph and add it to my Wall O' Spiritual leaders/mentors/inspiring people.  Currently only my prized "Dee"  from What's Happening autograph (with personalized "To Mitsy 'ooooo, I'm telling Mama!' message) hangs there.   I wish I knew where my Mobb Deep autograph was.

      Annnnddd this is my Dad side to side with his subjective double Chico Che. There was a time when he was a little rounder,  crowned with more pepper than salt, wore aviator shades and thinned out the stache a little but never fully committed to the look as to don the overalls.

December 3, 2010


     Because I wasn't gonna have merch any other way, I'd like to thank people over at zazzle's ARTSPROJEKT for the invite to do this.  I'm draggin' on the making of actual products but I finally have SOMETHING up.  I get like 3 cents for every item I sell, so buy plenty and often.  That way I can use my entire royalty check on buying my own items. :)  If peddling my own images  don't get me paid you know I have some ideas for ironic tshirts in my back pocket.  But meanwhile here's what I got so far....

     Let me know if there is a certain product you'd like to see my junk on.  I want to steal your ideas. :) For instance if you'd like your face in place of one of my lady wrestlers or your dog inserted into one of my landscape paintings I can make that happen.