December 3, 2010


     Because I wasn't gonna have merch any other way, I'd like to thank people over at zazzle's ARTSPROJEKT for the invite to do this.  I'm draggin' on the making of actual products but I finally have SOMETHING up.  I get like 3 cents for every item I sell, so buy plenty and often.  That way I can use my entire royalty check on buying my own items. :)  If peddling my own images  don't get me paid you know I have some ideas for ironic tshirts in my back pocket.  But meanwhile here's what I got so far....

     Let me know if there is a certain product you'd like to see my junk on.  I want to steal your ideas. :) For instance if you'd like your face in place of one of my lady wrestlers or your dog inserted into one of my landscape paintings I can make that happen. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i'm in love with the decks i'm adding them to my xmas list! aceves, better make it happen!