November 3, 2016

BOBBY enamel PIN

Piggy backing off last year's post, offering up my last remaining Bob pins for $12, free shipping TODAY ONLY!!!  Don't want to paypal? Venmo me, or send monies through facebook.




From the maker (me) of the Bob painting and the Bob drawing comes the Bobby Pin! 

       "You're the asshole with all the money," so buy 1, 2 or 3!  "Don't let it be your first or your last!" Yes, I do intend to quote Bob as much as possible.  

      OK, couple of things.
  •  If you buy more than one, do the math and only pay $3 once. So for 2 it'd be $37, 3 it'd be $54. 
  • My preferred method of payment in order would be Payments in facebook messenger ( Mitsy Avila Ovalles) or through the Venmo app (@Mit5Y), PayPal is cool IF you just SEND MONEY, here's my link ( )  I'm trying to avoid the fee towards PayPal/Trump supporter but I will add the paypal button for you lazy/trepidus folk down below.
  • If you send money through any of the above methods, make sure you add your address in the notes/comments/message or hit me up through social media and I will match up your order with your address.

Again, if you can just SEND MONEY just through my paypal link. 

                                                           HOW MANY?

  TECH HELP:  Some tips on how to use Payments in facebook messenger. (HERE)