December 20, 2006


     Here is something I sketched up for my homegirls line of earrings, LOBE RIDERS.  
Pick some up.   

December 7, 2006


     Here are pictures from my recent hiatus spent making my way from San Jose to Mexicali to Tucson to Magdalena de Kino, back to Tucson to Hermosillo to Guaymas to San Carlos and circle back. My first night in Mexicali was spent at the "Fiestas del Sol" where el mismisimo Ramon Ayala, el rey del acordeon y sus bravos del norte were on hand for the cessation of the festival. We got no where near the stage but still swayed with the tempo and downbeat of the norteno polka. The next day I found out that Mexican league baseball is where the party's REALLY at. Winter ball coalesces everything I love in life. The typical rally song arena anthems of "Who let the dogs out" & "We Will Rock You" (or just about anything found on a NOW that's what I call music 23) are substituted with cumbias sabrosonas and the Juan Gabriel songbook. They have midget bat boys, fried ox tails are the new hot dog and a descendant of baseball royalty, Fernando Valenzuela junior plays first base. I was also surprised to learn that the single thing I find most amusing in the world are effeminate simian mascots that wear thongs on their head and simulate sexy time with batters on the opposing team. Normally, the Mexicali aguilas mascot is a man's man Eagle named Lucho, but the game we went to was a double header, so we got the b team, meaning "EL MONKEY" (aka the antithesis of Lucho) was the fill in. Imagine the announcer calling out "Que estas haciendo Mon-key? El mon-key quieres bailar?" it was awesome.

Not to brag or anything but I'm a Godmother now, to the asian looking twins pictured, my nephews, Alex & Alexis. Soooo now that I've made the earnest commitment (attended two pre-baptism classes) I plan to fully take advantage of my certification. The paperwork is only good for two years so if you want me to baptize your babies get your requests in now. I'm your man. :) I have other stories, like how after two hours trying to traverse into the US and A, the immigration officer asked what happened to my hair... and an exhaust fume dizzied half asleep me, replied with "You mean why is it the color of cotton candy?" Or how I paid a dollar to see some rank ill smelling animals with 5 legs and other deformities along with the headliners the optical illusion "Angelluz," the smoke and mirrors Siamese twins. Boooo! I'm pretty sure they're violating child labor laws and mistreating animals but what do I know. Or how stars in the middle of the desert look crazy. Or my culinary research of how quesadillas begot sinchronizadas, sinchronizadas begot caramelos, caramelos begot lorenas. But i'll bore you with those later.

My camera's battery latch broke somewhere between Nogales and Sonoyita, so after a while the riggin wasn't getting it done and I gave up taking pictures. Here's what i did shoot.

Pictured above are the remains of the Italian missionary and explorer Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, they're displayed in this crypt where they were found in 1966.

        You're supposed to lift the bigger than life Saint Francisco Javier, if he proves too heavy it means you're of little faith and/or have the chamuco in ya.

Also, billboards in northern Mexico are my favorite. They reuse panels from different signs to build them, down below is the result.

It's rough in the streets, even Spongebob gets crossed out.