January 4, 2006


Here are some pictures of the latest $NAKE EYE$ mural. This weekend is your last chance to give it a once over. If you haven't gone out to see it, you should. There is scads of detail that did not translate well in these pictures.

PostScript: The dimensions are aprox. about 10 X 20 feet. Its gianormous.

Red Ink Studios
989A Market Street
San Francisco, CA

November 9, 2005 - January 8, 2006
Gallery Hours: Friday - Sunday 10-6pm

Murals by
Brian Storts and Chika Sato; David Huffman; Orion Shepard;
Tae Kitakata; Kathryn Dunlevie; Erik Bakke;
Mitsy Avila Ovalles and Ricardo Rodriguez.

      All in all the experience of painting up in the city was fun. I will miss the anything but dormant downtown San Francisco streets from the hours of midnight and 5am. I will miss watching the talent roll in to start their shift at the CrazyHorse Gentlemen's club decked out in baby phat fur trimmed bomber jackets and ugg boots. I will miss glancing across the street at the Warfield and being witness to the unique patchwork of suits and hippies that make up Nickel Backs' fanbase. I will miss being mistaken for homeless and being tipped off as to the location of charitable donations while hauling my luggage full of spray paint down market street. In case you were wondering, Stevenson Alley is the hot spot for blankets, sandwiches and juice boxes. I will miss the old woman that cheated death by bike messenger and squawked at me "I was so busy looking at your blue HAIR, I almost got HIT!" I will miss the bag lady on the bart that was disappointed upon learning I would be transfering at Bayfair because she wanted to rest her eyes and was really banking on me being her personal alarm clock (see fig. 2). I will miss the otherwise uninterrupted overnights at the gallery spent building intricate tetris barricades in front of the open door, comprised of pedestals and ladders all in effort to avoid cracked out passerbys from making pit stops and for air flow to prevent the hot boxing of the gallery. I will miss the runaway teen that was kind enough to call me down off the ladder to share his artistic ability demonstrated on his bubblegoose which he had adorned with a line drawing of a mouth with gold fronts. I will miss the gentleman that was on his way to kill someone and when I asked why? he said "to prove a point thats why." I will miss that same young gentleman being outraged at the fact that I played meet and greet with another derelict he deemed below himself (I guess theres a social ladder even amongst the transient hooch hounds) and resented me for "tensing up" around HIM and then went on to accuse me of being gay and asking if the art show was a "lesbian thing" and then making sweeping assumptions that "EVERYONE is gay", and that ladies don't pay him any mind and that HE KNOWS he's not ugly, and that he's just gonna have to take that shit if the ladies keep giving him the cold shoulder. Ugh.....what would my bloggard/life be without cracked out perpetrators?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us fig.2

    If you're still reading this..CONGRATULATIONS! Here's the flyer of my/our "$NAKE EYE$" next move.  It is at the same spot the we painted the mural, we strongly believe in overkill.

    In other news, my mom's probably the coolest lady EVER. She and my brother went to Mexico City for a week leaving me orphaned over the holidays because I had to paint, but they came back with presents to buy my love back. Take a gander. Imagine a 57 year old lady asking for spray paint caps/tips,"de me dos de cada uno!"

     I leave you all with some images of the last stabs at fun prior to the new year. I enjoy pictures of kids getting lit, similar to people who collect posters of kids in grown up situations and clothes but different. (He's my nephew, Jorgito.) The last image is of my Tia Tila savoring the tender muscles of a goats FACE!