January 21, 2009


This is the soundtrack to my Mexicali stint. These 5 "club bangers" (that's how I talk) are on loop. All day, E'ry day. It's not annoying at all. Enjoy.

Can you buy me one or all of these?

And this too? Thanks.

My whole family gets down (that's how I talk ;) ) with the arts & crafts. Check the Brobee piñata my cousin Danny T made and the rad drowryings my nephew Viktor Vaughn draws up. Half Peter Parker, half spider man, tight.

January 13, 2009


Happy New Year! I had 50 of these wall calenders printed up in Mexicali, it's more like 45 after my family shaked me down for some. You can pick one up for just $20 +$2.95 S&H. Can you tell "Hustle more" was on my list of resolutions? And because I don't want anyone feeling flim--flammed, I must mention that the painting image is a little pixelated. I'm horrible at documenting my work, so this is the best image I had available. Let me know in the space provided if you'd like me to deface your copy with my signature or a crude vulgar drawing. If you don't want to hassle with PayPal, email me to arrange a money order or check payment. (Click the image to go get one)

Oh-my-word. Matt Garza has signed on to pitch for the Mexican national team in the World Baseball Classic!?! Dude, imagine if Andre Ethier, Evan Longoria, Carlos Quentin, and Dan Haren signed on to play for Mexico too? Shaoo.

**If the stupid video isn't working and you're not yet bored click here to go view it**

Remember back in 06 when Mexico beat USA in the WBC?
I pretty much like when Mexico beats the USA at anything.