April 30, 2014


      I've beeeen learning the hard way that if I don't follow through with my ideas the internet will. Well, no more.  Drew this up some 6 months ago (yeah thats about the average turn around on my ideas :/ ) But just nowgot around to printing some up, super limited.  Order now before I run out and recieve a free whisper button.  If you want to pick up a shirt and Whisper print, I'll combine shipping. Check the drop-down menu for that option. Should be getting these in today or within the next few days. 

What size ay?

Some of you were asking about buying the Whisper button, you can add it to your shirt order up above  for combined shipping or you can buy it in this 3 pack by itself.

April 27, 2014


Here's another wrasslin' piece. This time, the subject being the american dream legacy.  Not as in Erislandy Lara american dream but gold ol' Dusty Rizhodes and his boy Dustin, aka Goooollld Dust.  I always liked how uncomfortable he would make my brothers with his sensual movements and glitz. 

And then there's this. :)

April 16, 2014


      Six years ago my friend Jennifer Ahn and Carlos Araujo started a studio spot in Japantown here in San Jose. Super proud of how far they've come along and what an important venue they've built. They're commemorating the anniversary of Empire Seven studios with a group show and murals throughout the neighborhood.  I'll have some work up alongside all these rad artists.


Did I show you this?  Get this. Back in 2011, for Valentine's day, I gifted one lucky guy a Macho Man painting.  That same year a couple months later, HE DIED.  Since then I had been working on an Ultimate Warrior for the same, super spoiled at this point, lucky guy.  Sure, it took me forever to finish .  I would jokingly say, "I can't finish it because the minute I do, he'll die, just like Macho Man...but if you selfishly want me to finish the painting and end Ultimate Warriors life, I will do so"   Or something along those lines, really I was just trying to stall because I had lost interest in rendering all  his roided out vains and super tan torso and teased hair.  God rest his soul, but really it had become a chore.  Well finally this year I delivered on the painting for Valentine's day. MONTHS LATER, he's dead. Hoooow saaaaad.   

Here's a quick video and some pictures....
Ultimate warriorUltimate warrior


Did I show you this?
I know he lost but I'm still a Perro Angulo fan.  Drew this up before his big bout against Canelo a while ago.

April 15, 2014


Did I show you these?  Made these pan dulce magnets for my Momma.  Looking to make a mold so I can just paint them and maybe that way I'd sell some sets on Mtsy(Etsy) :)