April 16, 2014


Did I show you this?  Get this. Back in 2011, for Valentine's day, I gifted one lucky guy a Macho Man painting.  That same year a couple months later, HE DIED.  Since then I had been working on an Ultimate Warrior for the same, super spoiled at this point, lucky guy.  Sure, it took me forever to finish .  I would jokingly say, "I can't finish it because the minute I do, he'll die, just like Macho Man...but if you selfishly want me to finish the painting and end Ultimate Warriors life, I will do so"   Or something along those lines, really I was just trying to stall because I had lost interest in rendering all  his roided out vains and super tan torso and teased hair.  God rest his soul, but really it had become a chore.  Well finally this year I delivered on the painting for Valentine's day. MONTHS LATER, he's dead. Hoooow saaaaad.   

Here's a quick video and some pictures....
Ultimate warriorUltimate warrior

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