September 27, 2007


Pray that my paintings arrive on time and safely for this art show. DHL, no me falles. Thanks to David for the invitation to participate. I'll finally be showing in Los Angeles and alongside some rad artists. Check out how fun this night sounds, and if you're in the area you should probably go, you can pretend you're me.

If you're unfamiliar with Girl in a coma, here's my favorite video of theirs.

The show/nights theme is Mexican rock of the 60's, I decided to paint the enigmatic, talented and always hilarious Johnny Laboriel sanz sus Rebeldes del Rock. He first won me over when he played Cirilo's dad on the novela "Carrusel," but prior to that he was a rock legend.

I also did a portrait of Alberto Vazquez, my mom's teen idol crush of all time! She would always say she'd leave my father for him and still swoons at the sight of him eventhough he's all old and haggard. "Pero es que esta tan guapo todavia" she tells me. I'm in her good graces forever, she made me promise not to sell it. I'd like to see her precious son Junior paint her something. :)

He was pretty hot, look...

I ended up working on canvas, which I normally don't enjoy but I get to work in some embroidery. I don't know any fancy stitches but it's fun. Ballons, balloons. I also did a little lamb.