November 24, 2012

Small Time Biz

   Thought I'd mark these down in the real spirit of Thanksgiving, consumerism. :)  I have about a dz. of these left.  See the previous posts for more details.
Super Small Business Saturday Sale

November 2, 2012

Dear _____,

       I had Babysitter's Club postcards that I very seldom used because at age 9 everyone I knew in life lived on the south and north sides of 10th street.  For sure I used it to write my mandated pen pal in elementary school and then again when I was away at fat camp Girls Scout camping jamborees.  I must have been a chump then because I remember addressing my parents in English knowing damn well they didn't have it like that.  I don't know if folks still use postcards but I printed these up with some of my old and newish digital drawings.  

      You'll get a set of 7 postcards and a chance at winning an original drawing, one from my "Bichis" series that didn't make the cut.  I've bought 50 envelopes, 1 for each of the number of sets I have for sale.  Wait, minus 5 or so after freeloading family and friends got theirs :) -  so that ups your chances to 1 in 45.  Inside one of them, I placed a mysterious white powder.. ok ok one has a note from me with instructions on how to get your free drawing.  I shuffled them up and that way I'll blindingly send out a golden ticket without my usual bias of excluding Giants or 49er fans. Sound fair?  Paypal me your monies or email me for an alternative.  Good luck!

November 1, 2012


      Finally some adult content to work the internet shorthand NSFW into one of my blog posts.  For those following me on instagram you've probably already perved these dishes, go see them in real time this friday for the Femme Cartel show, Naked Ladies, in Oakland.  

There are 14 total, here is a glimpse.

October 13, 2012


 Growing up there was never a Garbage Pail Kid associated with my name, just some cheap variation like "Misty Suds".  I'm not even sure why I wanted their to be one- guess I've always been into self-deprecation.  And obviously (see below)  I still want there to be one, so I made my own for Cukui's GPK tribute show, Thrashed. The dimensions on this are close to those of a real Garbage Pail Kid card, so you know it was a nightmare to stitch up.  

It was either "Hairy Mits" or  "Zits Mits". 
The show will be up for the rest of the month, go see it!

July 26, 2012


    Some broads I drew up for the nail polish and accessory line, NAILPHUNK. Here's the .gif I twisted.   The bottom image, an ode to Nagel and the SJ Sharks, will be turned into a sticker.  Her site is live now and taking orders online and on Karmaloop so  head on over to get your nails did. :) 

May 8, 2012


My favorite Samoan (non wrasslin' tag team, non 80's pop supergroup of brothers and sisters) 
R.I.P Junior Seau

Threw this tribute together for MCA, with a sampling of Oprah rapping to "Hold it now, hit it"

These are my nephews Diego & Pablo after we made some ceptors and crowns for their Max costumes.  R.I.P Maurice Sendak.


    Back before I didn't have all the colors to work with (a goal) and before lazy folks started mailing it in (just writing the clue instead of drawing it) I would dilly dally with drawsomething.  I've drawn tons of Lil Weezys and most recently a hologram Tupac.  I'm sure I'll be lured back into the app's deathgrip if it ever updates it's rolodex to include maybe a vulgar Lil Kim, metalfaced doom or humptyhump shock G.  Notice I'm only motivated by hippety-hoppety subjects.  Like in real life.


May 7, 2012


      My pal/once co-worker Carlos Legumes was on a mission to have a lurk-see of an Aztlan journal I was featured in and covergirl of.  Probably just to later quote me so I'll feel like an asshole. Check it out though, he hit a snag at UCLA's chicano studies research library.  The librarian could make no sense of it. Both copies, gone, ghost. Just like I like it.