November 2, 2012

Dear _____,

       I had Babysitter's Club postcards that I very seldom used because at age 9 everyone I knew in life lived on the south and north sides of 10th street.  For sure I used it to write my mandated pen pal in elementary school and then again when I was away at fat camp Girls Scout camping jamborees.  I must have been a chump then because I remember addressing my parents in English knowing damn well they didn't have it like that.  I don't know if folks still use postcards but I printed these up with some of my old and newish digital drawings.  

      You'll get a set of 7 postcards and a chance at winning an original drawing, one from my "Bichis" series that didn't make the cut.  I've bought 50 envelopes, 1 for each of the number of sets I have for sale.  Wait, minus 5 or so after freeloading family and friends got theirs :) -  so that ups your chances to 1 in 45.  Inside one of them, I placed a mysterious white powder.. ok ok one has a note from me with instructions on how to get your free drawing.  I shuffled them up and that way I'll blindingly send out a golden ticket without my usual bias of excluding Giants or 49er fans. Sound fair?  Paypal me your monies or email me for an alternative.  Good luck!

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