December 25, 2007


No Me-he-co for the holidays this year. I don't like it. Never ever ever plan an art show for right after the holidays, ever. It'll ruin your life. You'll end up postponing Christmas only to find yourself on the matrix with a paper plate full of ambrosia salad and apple cider trolling for youtube videos to create a air castle of a holiday you feel you missed out on. At least there's basketball.
Here's what Christmas looks like...usually.

My Mom's pride and joy.

December 12, 2007


Finally, an art update. Oh, but I WILL get to baseball later on. :) First things, first. I'll be in two group shows this Saturday, December 15th, up here in the Bay Area.

There's All Star Hustlaz III over at White Walls in San Francisco. Things kick off at 7pm. I've seen variations of their line up but this is the one I pulled off their website.

Rogelio Martinez, Adam 5100, Aj Fosik, Alexis Mackenzie, Amir H. Fallah, Ben Frost, Ben Horton, Ben Woodward, Charming Baker, Dalek, Damon Soule, Diet, Gregory Eucide, Henry Lewis, Katy Horan, Kelsey Brookes, Kill Pixie, Mathew Palladino, Caleb Neelon, Ryan Shaffer, Maxwell Lorence Holyorke, Ronald Kuniawan, Michael Genovese, Mitsy Avila Ovalles and more.

And over at Rowan Morrison in Oakland, the party starts at 5pm. It's a low commission art sale, so I've priced my things (old work) real cheap. There will be libations, snacks and more importantly affordable art from the fine folks listed below.

Truth be told.
I probably won't be at neither one because I'll be painting little tiny oily faces.

And because as Ramo says I'm "the hot stove" for some baseball updates. Winter meetings came and went and I'm happy to see the youth movement intact. The Dodgers acquired Andruw Jones who will surely bring some street cred to the LA squad, what with his spiderweb elbow tattoos. He's super duty tough in center, a force at the plate AND he speaks Dutch. I just hope his name doesn't make its way onto the salacious Mitchell report.

Ugh, and as for Mayweather vs Hatton. I'm convinced that as "good" as they say Mayweather is, he's equally a dirty sneaky runner err fighter, mañoso. Hatton was a little too careless, he should have gone to the body like he did against Castillo. :( I I even got in the hooligan mood having just watched "This is England" (great movie by the way). I like the English fans though, they are a loyal bunch. Mexicans would have been booing and chanting "culero" by the end of that one.  Traidores.


I'll give you five dollars if you get me a pirated copy of this documentary or a torrent file. Thanks.