February 24, 2008


Up next...

I'm sure you've figured out that I like harboring secrets. Like freemasonry and the reclusive Syd Barret, I'm super secretive. So with that preface, below is a sneak peek at the pieces I'll have up at the Manifesto show. Whatever, the back pretty much gives away the front anyway, so lose it.

I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I've indulged and picked up a few things from the new Fafi line at MAC. Cheers to seeing fafinettes every time I put on my face.

The end of Dodgertown nears. : ( Most of you won't get through the first video but the second is a good one to take in for Black history month.

February 18, 2008


I partied with the kids this weekend. While doing so, discovered that my nephew Victor is the next Anthony Lister. Or maybe he'll be Alex Ross' successor. It's superheroes & villains all day.



We also collaborated on a Bartman. I love his cape.

Some candids of the kids in their hip hop regalia and Marco icing.

From time to time, I get updates/follow ups from people that have purchased my work. They'll attach nice pictures of my pieces in their new home. It's kinda cool.

Until now! Eww. The photo is hilarious, and obviously a rouse. It's only funny because I know how much the Giants suck a big fat pork sword. Its my fault, I did ask that all Giant trappings not be within 10 ft of my painting. Whatever, at least the buyer- despite his obvious lack in SPORTS taste seems like a nice guy. Besides Catalina Creel roots for no one. The only thing she'd like about the San Francisco Gnats is the fact that they've collectively turned on their now unemployed superstar castaway Barry Bonds. I knew no one liked him, not even his teammates.

It's hella throwback Dodgers this spring training. Tommy Lasorda will be managing the split squad in FL for a couple of games while Joe Torre and the rest of the crew are out in China for the exhibition games against the Pads. Other throw back news, Chan Ho Park is a non roster invitee this year.

February 5, 2008

Me Gusta La GASOL-ina

Lakers get Paul Gasol AND rid themselves of blundering ham-hands Kwame Brown?!? BEST DEAL EVER!! I'll miss Crittenton-he never did get enough playing time. Who knows how good MARC Gasol will be once he comes up and giving up the first round picks, you never know what effect that'll have BUT it seems a small price to pay for Gasol's PAU-erful grizzly beard. Yeah, get used to the constant play on words, it's my new favorite thing. :) He will probably be making his debut in purple and gold later today versus the Nets. Can't wait.