January 21, 2010


          What you didn't see: The "San Jo" woodburned repeatedly into the edges of this piece. It's key. :)  Dimensions 9" x 9",  the outfit and accessories (feathered hair & sharpied eyebrows, hat) are cut out of that super thin crafting wood.  Folks keep reminding me it's not all about me, so lucky for yoooouuI did some reconnaissance (Googlear) and came up with these links for you to take in the whole show.

January 11, 2010


I'm cutting it close, but I'm pretty sure I'll be a part of this- burned fingers and all.  I'll post pictures later later.
M.I.S.S., has teamed up with Upper Playground to curate its first ever art show at FIFTY24LA Gallery. In keeping with our love of fashion and art, we are very excited to present “Paper Dolls”- Using the iconic paper doll as inspiration, each artist offers his or her own artistic interpretation of the woman’s fashion figure. From photographs, illustrations and paintings, there are varied expressions of the paper doll – all with the signature touches of each artist.

January 6, 2010

Irregular and Overstock

        I printed up some calendars. And once again I was lazy and didn't get a design together BEFORE i left for Mexicali. I had to rely on a resentful design team's aesthetic working New Years eve. I don't get it, I had a better quality image to work with this time but you wouldn't know it. They didn't even have the rip away "santario" calendar or a hole punch. So to recap, the calendar is of questionable design and quality. But really it's the brand you're paying for. :)

     If you'd still like one despite my horrible sales pitch and transparency. They are $12 (cause I'll feel bad charging more) flat rate, free shipping and I'll sign, draw, circle my birthday on it whatever you like.

January 4, 2010

Q & A

          Hector Gonzalez, wordsmith, intellectual and new dad asked me some things recently here it is on the internet cloud, click.