July 19, 2006

Portrait Party

     I did these a dog's age ago. The first one is of my best friend girl/childhood tormentor, Belen. I'm stone broke and can't afford real gifts these days, so drawing up her noodle was my idea of a birthday gift. Don't feel bad for her though, she once threw a cat on my back. True story. She's lucky I do this much for her. : ) The second one is of my cousin, we call him "Little" -although that wouldn't really describe him, its more of an antonym. Now that we're all caught up, I'll see you next year.

July 15, 2006

Sittin' Pretty

    Not to be outdone by the much more cagey and diligent blogger "R", I've decided to post some of my digi-drowryings for you phantom readers. It's a series of classy broads done up in sketchbook pro, the place I like to vent all my girlish drawing tendencies. Needless to say my paintings don't look anything like this, much to the dismay of my Mother and friends that have a hankering for all things cute. It'll probably be years until my next post, which may or may not be a good thing... either way soak it up there's more where this trash came from. I'll interupt the flow eventually, stick around.
P.S: I'm a two timing harlot, here's the link to my other neglected weblog on the dreaded maispeis. There you can find other $NAKE EYE$ folklore and visuals.