December 20, 2006


     Here is something I sketched up for my homegirls line of earrings, LOBE RIDERS.  
Pick some up.   

December 7, 2006


     Here are pictures from my recent hiatus spent making my way from San Jose to Mexicali to Tucson to Magdalena de Kino, back to Tucson to Hermosillo to Guaymas to San Carlos and circle back. My first night in Mexicali was spent at the "Fiestas del Sol" where el mismisimo Ramon Ayala, el rey del acordeon y sus bravos del norte were on hand for the cessation of the festival. We got no where near the stage but still swayed with the tempo and downbeat of the norteno polka. The next day I found out that Mexican league baseball is where the party's REALLY at. Winter ball coalesces everything I love in life. The typical rally song arena anthems of "Who let the dogs out" & "We Will Rock You" (or just about anything found on a NOW that's what I call music 23) are substituted with cumbias sabrosonas and the Juan Gabriel songbook. They have midget bat boys, fried ox tails are the new hot dog and a descendant of baseball royalty, Fernando Valenzuela junior plays first base. I was also surprised to learn that the single thing I find most amusing in the world are effeminate simian mascots that wear thongs on their head and simulate sexy time with batters on the opposing team. Normally, the Mexicali aguilas mascot is a man's man Eagle named Lucho, but the game we went to was a double header, so we got the b team, meaning "EL MONKEY" (aka the antithesis of Lucho) was the fill in. Imagine the announcer calling out "Que estas haciendo Mon-key? El mon-key quieres bailar?" it was awesome.

Not to brag or anything but I'm a Godmother now, to the asian looking twins pictured, my nephews, Alex & Alexis. Soooo now that I've made the earnest commitment (attended two pre-baptism classes) I plan to fully take advantage of my certification. The paperwork is only good for two years so if you want me to baptize your babies get your requests in now. I'm your man. :) I have other stories, like how after two hours trying to traverse into the US and A, the immigration officer asked what happened to my hair... and an exhaust fume dizzied half asleep me, replied with "You mean why is it the color of cotton candy?" Or how I paid a dollar to see some rank ill smelling animals with 5 legs and other deformities along with the headliners the optical illusion "Angelluz," the smoke and mirrors Siamese twins. Boooo! I'm pretty sure they're violating child labor laws and mistreating animals but what do I know. Or how stars in the middle of the desert look crazy. Or my culinary research of how quesadillas begot sinchronizadas, sinchronizadas begot caramelos, caramelos begot lorenas. But i'll bore you with those later.

My camera's battery latch broke somewhere between Nogales and Sonoyita, so after a while the riggin wasn't getting it done and I gave up taking pictures. Here's what i did shoot.

Pictured above are the remains of the Italian missionary and explorer Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, they're displayed in this crypt where they were found in 1966.

        You're supposed to lift the bigger than life Saint Francisco Javier, if he proves too heavy it means you're of little faith and/or have the chamuco in ya.

Also, billboards in northern Mexico are my favorite. They reuse panels from different signs to build them, down below is the result.

It's rough in the streets, even Spongebob gets crossed out.

November 18, 2006


     It's a sad sad day. Not just because Scientology nuptials are all the rage or because neither you nor I have a PS3 (I thought if I started off with something topical, you'd be more apt to stick around for the heart of the matter) but because, THREE, THREEEE of my paintings may or may not have been lost in the mail. Not getting a tracking number will haunt me for the rest of my days as did dropping out of junior high basketball after I made the first cut. Moot shitty point. I sent my work "priority", which normally means a delivery in 3-5 days. Pan to me TWO point five weeks later, in shambles, whimpering in my closet wishing I had a sweet release like secret cutting. :) Alright, I'm being dramatic but still. It was for a good cause too, they were intercepted on route to San Francisco, for Galeria de la Raza's annual art auction, "PACHANGA!" Uggghhhhh, see it doesn't pay to be charitable. I knew it. So if you see these up in a crack den near you or going for chump change on ebay, notify me.

October 9, 2006


    Yay!! The babies!! This blog is self-serving to the max. I just like seeing my family on the internet, namely my cousin Danny because he has such anxiety about being on the infobahn. He's the one on the left on the Mother's day pillow, also the genius behind the cake regards. "Mitsy, I'm a grown ass man, once you're 30, you can't be on myspace. " He tells me that, ALL the time. My time is running out. He doesn't even like email, it's always a one-way exchange where I forward him a utube clip and he immediately calls me on the phone. The twist, he works for a telecommunications provider. We all put up with him because he fathered the two little ones pictured here (my favorites) and he's somewhat hilarious. My cousin "Little" (the other half of the pillow) and I have plans of creating Danny a profile, probably under the name "NEGRA." Make sure to add him. :)
Sorry for busting out the photo album, I had to do it.

October 3, 2006


I want to share with you some of my early work. Perhaps this will put to rest questions about what inspires and motivates me. Or it'll further confirm the idea that any hack off the street can be an "artist." To your left, is a drawing of what remains as one of my favorite establishments till this day. I'm pretty sure you recognized upon first glance, that it's the 7 Eleven located on South 11th street by the 280 overpass. I grew up on the other side of the freeway so this was a daily pit stop, this one or the one off of Keyes near Happy Hollow, Belen and I would alternate 7-11's determined by the slurpee flavors made available and/or what store had her Mom's favorite scratcher ticket. This sketch is page one of a laminated salmon colored white piece of yarn bound publication titled "Things I Love About My Mother." Being the little saucebox that I was/am the caption under this superealistic cityscape probably read "She buys me things!" I was SEVEN, quit judging. Plus there were some other entries in there about her as a person, really deep, more reflective stuff, wait for it. But hey, shaaaoooo!!... check out the perspective, the detail of the shingles and the glass door reflection, nombre... no wonder I pursed art. ;)

Other evidence of my artistic apititude can be seen here, the aforementioned title's cover, a snapshot of our then living room a.k.a "my bedroom" -you'll find out more about that later, don't get ahead of me. Alright, I'll just tell you now. I didn't want to say anything but I didn't even have my own room until I was a junior in High School, prior to that I part-timed between the bunk bed in my brother's PAULA ABDUL wallpapered room and the sofa bed on most nights to get out of harms a.k.a my brother's way whenever any of the following sport teams lost.. Raiders, Lakers, Kings or the Dodgers. My mom was a hater too, she wouldn't even let me put up pictures of heartthrobs Tommy Puett or Brian Bloom in the sala (living room). I can never do NOTHING! Anyway, back to my "early work".. I think the best part is the angle from which I drew it. If drawn from life this would have put me inside the wall, or in the my brother's bedroom, seeing as the tv was flush up against it leaving no room to discern the labyrinth of input ouput, coaxial cables, RF connections and cable descramblers. Kids are all hip to computers at 18 months or whatever, big whoop, I was fiddling with cable connections in second grade. I'm a home taught trade school drop out, you don't learn how to program the VCR to record your Mom's novela, Cuna de Lobos or that weekends Chavez fight at school-school. This is the kind of practical shit you need and use forever, it makes you invaluable. Not like the times table and learning about the earth's crust. Boo!

Here's another sketch from the same book, here I'm blatantly LYING, first of all, who am I kidding? I'm Mexican, the only language spoken at home was Spanish. My mom would have never said "Good Morning" she still shys away from using her limited English, only busting it out for emergencies (like fires, pleitos over people cutting in line, SERIOUS shit only) or if no one that she knows (including me) is around. That's why she had us kids, so that we'd translate everything for her. "Mija, dile que si no nos da nuestro deposito les voy hacer 'SUE', dile!." Furthermore breakfast in bed? Staying home from school? Hahahaha. School was our babysitter, we couldn't NOT go. And like it was at all possible that a.) We had a food tray "venganse a comer a la mesa cabrones!" b.) That my Mom would serve up what appears to be a pomegranate(?) for breakfast with some freshly picked daisies ( we had a cemented lawn) in a vase for decor. You and I both know the variety of the most important meal of the day was limited to HUEVO CON TBA (to be announced). Nice try at assimilation though, Mits (that's how I address myself, "Mits" ). I blame my castle-building on The Cosby show, Who's the Boss? and Family Ties being at their crowning point, where else would I learn about normal family behavior to try to pass off as my own. And DAMN! Couldn't old boy, Mr. Holmes (my second grade teacher- cue every kid in our class at one point greeting him with "WHAT UP HOLMES!?!") have got on his job and spelled checked, help a lil sister out, I mean.."Home SWEAT Home." That shits devastating. Its not like Mom and Pops knew the difference but you know big brother Mario wasn't gonna let it slip. "You're stupid Mitsy, home SWEAT home!" DAMNIT! Scarred for life, mira, scarred fooor liifffe! But I guess, it's not like I worded Mr. Holmes up on having his psoriasis checked out or what kid hid his crystal light during the intense heads up seven up match. Fair is fair.

Finally my biography, this is from a different book, my sophmore release, "Georgie Goes Bananas" I never got around to scanning more pages from it. This is on my website somewhere, so it might be old news for some. But take a look see, I was redundant even then. I NEVER get down with the percussion, i know thats what you're wondering, and I'm not sure what constitutes for being an "artist" anymore. So, depending on how you look at it I'm either 1 for 2, or 0 for 2 on reaching my career aspirations. I should have aimed lower. :)

But now I blow kids out the water, see for yourself in this side by side comparison. On your left a drawing of Superman by my 5 year old young nephew Victor, to your right MY drawing of Superman. I mean sure he's got the S curl going for him and word on the street is "Bad drawing its so hot right now" but his poportions are all wrong. I win.

October 2, 2006

September 6, 2006


    To your Del, I move my Ultraman. He's now based in Los Angeles but was born and raised around the Bay. Truth is, I can't even battle rap you right now because I need tommygun surgery on my shoulder :) (BTW-smile emoticon is the new puctuation) Here's this picture I drew up recently of my friend Shawn to replace this old drawing he had been using for his cd covers. The old drawing won out in a 10 minute drawing contest between my friend Ben and I, it was really old and rushed so I'm glad he asked me to revamp it.

September 5, 2006



    I'm hesitant to blog this because I was set on keeping my non-posting streak alive. But seeing as Ricardo has slowed down, I think it only fair to strike now before I get buried under a slew of new drawings he's probably got brewing. I ran across an old image of a pre-hyphy slimmer E40 -this must have been before he and Chester McGlockton opened up that Fat burger in Pleasant Hill- and decided to stir up my very own SoCal vs NorCal rap war after Ricardo put up his hip hop portraits. What better rook, pawn, knight to start off with but the Ambassador of the Bay, Earl Stevens.

August 20, 2006


    For those with nothing else to do, my utube playlist. Playlists are a great new feature. This way, you don't have to be the asshole that posts 8 videos in a row on a person's profile. Or do I? They're all premium clips but aside from those cubicle dwellers ya'll might not have the time. Also, knowing spanish would help you out right about now. Hope this holds you, my LEGION of fans, all 8 subscribers..until the supreme laziness passes and I post something of substance.

Myspace is a harsh mistress and STUPID. I can't even tell ya'll what I'm listening to over here cause the SEARCH is out to lunch. Well until its fixed, I'll do it manually, my friend
Callie gave me The Best of Honey Cone, that's what's up. I don't neeeed yoouu Tom.

August 9, 2006

La Green Eyes

     It's my friend Callie's birthday today. She has always wanted to be a chola (don't ask me why) so I drew her up as one. There's two versions, one sanz the pencil thin brows and dots under the eye and a classier version. Click on the image to see the gianormous view. Also, I'm well aware that the Surgeon is champion please do not write in asking me to step it up, he hem Mike. Good day, sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!

July 19, 2006

Portrait Party

     I did these a dog's age ago. The first one is of my best friend girl/childhood tormentor, Belen. I'm stone broke and can't afford real gifts these days, so drawing up her noodle was my idea of a birthday gift. Don't feel bad for her though, she once threw a cat on my back. True story. She's lucky I do this much for her. : ) The second one is of my cousin, we call him "Little" -although that wouldn't really describe him, its more of an antonym. Now that we're all caught up, I'll see you next year.

July 15, 2006

Sittin' Pretty

    Not to be outdone by the much more cagey and diligent blogger "R", I've decided to post some of my digi-drowryings for you phantom readers. It's a series of classy broads done up in sketchbook pro, the place I like to vent all my girlish drawing tendencies. Needless to say my paintings don't look anything like this, much to the dismay of my Mother and friends that have a hankering for all things cute. It'll probably be years until my next post, which may or may not be a good thing... either way soak it up there's more where this trash came from. I'll interupt the flow eventually, stick around.
P.S: I'm a two timing harlot, here's the link to my other neglected weblog on the dreaded maispeis. There you can find other $NAKE EYE$ folklore and visuals.

April 25, 2006


My homeslice SEAN BOYLES (pictured here) and 11 no names, ERR, his classmates are putting on their MFA shows over at the lady colllege, Mills -Sean is NOT a cross dresser, their grad school is co-ed- here are the details...


5000 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland, CA
Click for map

SIDEBAR/SHAMELESS PLUG: Sean and I will also be participating in this show, in Monterey...if it doesn't hold your interest you can always check out the aquarium or chow down at Bubba Gumps, win win. :)

ANNDDD in other news, I recently picked up my work from Red Ink Studios in SF. I was unpacking and among my things, I found this owl pendant on a gold chain...I've asked around, and I still don't know who the lady/mister bountiful is that was sooo generous. I figure myspace was a good place to start my super sleuthing. I guess any of you can always pretend it was your gesture and thereby win my eternal loyalty. Thanks anonymous! I love it! I'll never take it off, NEVER!! Or at least not until it turns my neck green.


I sent this out originally as a bulletin, but really who reads those? But then who reads my bloggards? Lose, Lose. Anyway I apologize in advance for the deja vu and the irrelevant intro.


Seems I've gotten over my bulletin phobia, at least it's for a good reason, not that hassling people to "comment on a new pic" or reminding them how out of touch they are with the "How well do you know me?" survey, is of lesser importance or anything. Ugh, well now that I've alienated everyone...In case ya'll didn't know I come from a legacy of talented stalk. Hahah. My cousin Rhode Montijo is having a book release celebration for his first children's book Cloud Boy this weekend. He is an AMAZING guy and also the wrist/mind behind HAPPY TREE FRIENDS and PABLOS INFERNO among other things. Here is a rundown of what is going down in his own words..

"There will be complimentary food prepared by my mom along with some original art from the book on display. My brother will be spinning some tunes too! You can bring your already purchased book to have it signed or buy your own there. There will also be a raffle where you could win a lot of the things I've produced throughout the years, like comics, prints, sketchbooks, t-shirts, among other goodies, all for the cost of one canned food or for $1. The canned foods will be donated to a local shelter and the money will go to the Galeria (a non-profit organization) to help with it's costs to keep it going. There's no limit to the amount of tickets to buy, so bring as many canned foods or $1 bills as you'd like! It's for a good cause! There will be three chances to win!!! It'll be a fun occasion, I hope to see you there! Feel free to invite anybody who might be interested! All ages welcome!!! " - Rhode

Ahh, and just when you thought this bulletin was in no way self-serving... Saturday is also the last day of the show I'm in MIND MAPS at the same gallery. 2 for 1. Scope it. Spread it.

Close your browser,

This will be taking place this Saturday, April 22nd from 4:00-6:00 pm at
Galeria De La Raza(in the Mission District)
2857 24th Street ( cross street at Bryant)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 826-8009 phone to Galeria

January 4, 2006


Here are some pictures of the latest $NAKE EYE$ mural. This weekend is your last chance to give it a once over. If you haven't gone out to see it, you should. There is scads of detail that did not translate well in these pictures.

PostScript: The dimensions are aprox. about 10 X 20 feet. Its gianormous.

Red Ink Studios
989A Market Street
San Francisco, CA

November 9, 2005 - January 8, 2006
Gallery Hours: Friday - Sunday 10-6pm

Murals by
Brian Storts and Chika Sato; David Huffman; Orion Shepard;
Tae Kitakata; Kathryn Dunlevie; Erik Bakke;
Mitsy Avila Ovalles and Ricardo Rodriguez.

      All in all the experience of painting up in the city was fun. I will miss the anything but dormant downtown San Francisco streets from the hours of midnight and 5am. I will miss watching the talent roll in to start their shift at the CrazyHorse Gentlemen's club decked out in baby phat fur trimmed bomber jackets and ugg boots. I will miss glancing across the street at the Warfield and being witness to the unique patchwork of suits and hippies that make up Nickel Backs' fanbase. I will miss being mistaken for homeless and being tipped off as to the location of charitable donations while hauling my luggage full of spray paint down market street. In case you were wondering, Stevenson Alley is the hot spot for blankets, sandwiches and juice boxes. I will miss the old woman that cheated death by bike messenger and squawked at me "I was so busy looking at your blue HAIR, I almost got HIT!" I will miss the bag lady on the bart that was disappointed upon learning I would be transfering at Bayfair because she wanted to rest her eyes and was really banking on me being her personal alarm clock (see fig. 2). I will miss the otherwise uninterrupted overnights at the gallery spent building intricate tetris barricades in front of the open door, comprised of pedestals and ladders all in effort to avoid cracked out passerbys from making pit stops and for air flow to prevent the hot boxing of the gallery. I will miss the runaway teen that was kind enough to call me down off the ladder to share his artistic ability demonstrated on his bubblegoose which he had adorned with a line drawing of a mouth with gold fronts. I will miss the gentleman that was on his way to kill someone and when I asked why? he said "to prove a point thats why." I will miss that same young gentleman being outraged at the fact that I played meet and greet with another derelict he deemed below himself (I guess theres a social ladder even amongst the transient hooch hounds) and resented me for "tensing up" around HIM and then went on to accuse me of being gay and asking if the art show was a "lesbian thing" and then making sweeping assumptions that "EVERYONE is gay", and that ladies don't pay him any mind and that HE KNOWS he's not ugly, and that he's just gonna have to take that shit if the ladies keep giving him the cold shoulder. Ugh.....what would my bloggard/life be without cracked out perpetrators?
Image Hosted by fig.2

    If you're still reading this..CONGRATULATIONS! Here's the flyer of my/our "$NAKE EYE$" next move.  It is at the same spot the we painted the mural, we strongly believe in overkill.

    In other news, my mom's probably the coolest lady EVER. She and my brother went to Mexico City for a week leaving me orphaned over the holidays because I had to paint, but they came back with presents to buy my love back. Take a gander. Imagine a 57 year old lady asking for spray paint caps/tips,"de me dos de cada uno!"

     I leave you all with some images of the last stabs at fun prior to the new year. I enjoy pictures of kids getting lit, similar to people who collect posters of kids in grown up situations and clothes but different. (He's my nephew, Jorgito.) The last image is of my Tia Tila savoring the tender muscles of a goats FACE!