October 26, 2010


      This will be my last baseball post UNLESS something miraculous happens like the McCourt divorce brings about new Dodgers owners that'll rape the free agency market. Cliff Lee or Carl Crawford, I want you. Besides hoopies start back up today.  I got basketball in my life now, lose it baseball. Go Rangers!

     And FERNANDO NATION , the Fernando Valenzuela 30 for 30 airs tonight!!!  Like, right now...so excited!  My brother had that poster.  He STILL has it up. :)

October 24, 2010


It's me Ma's birthday today.  She's the best.  Even the waitress at breakfast this morning said "How cute!" when my Mom stacked our dishes for her.  That's just the kind of class act Martha is. Sneaked in a lil tribute to her in a drawing that'll be printed up.

Feliz Cumpleaños Ama <3

October 15, 2010


   The devil finds work for idle hands to do.  Beleeb it.  ANNNNDDD since I don't have a place in the playoffs  this year,  it's time to root against and berate the crap teams in it to win it squeak through, by way of photoshop  bullying. Here goes... separated at birth playoff edition. 

 But I'm saying though.
      Posey weak chin and pear shaped = Stevie.  Carlos Ruiz, no neck,  gold chains and a penchant for ecstasy and stolen computer goods...easy! Hector Macho Camacho! Ruiz  doesn't have a "bad habit for drugs" (that we know of) nor did he pick up a burglary charge for stolen netbooks. (again, who knows? maybe).  That's all Hector but I just hate that guy, how he goes about his job,  all humble and quiet like, catching perfect games, getting clutch hits. Uuugghhhh.  
      Tim Lincecum's anorexic Rachel Zoe chipmunk jowls, mangled fangs and sexual ambiguity read godmother of punk, Patti Smith to me.  While Brian Wilson's brush-in-gel jet black beard, baby blues, eccentric accessorizing and entrance music "Pomp and Circumstance"  say Macho Man.  Viral Dodson should have warned Volquez to hide his change-up, hide his fastball because the Phillies rapin' everyone out here.  I always saw Matt Cain as Digger from Shirt Tales but he also makes a pretty Natalie Green. 

And is this just the same cholo or what ay?

Thank you.