May 11, 2008


my Mom is tops.

She loves watching Cops and Cheaters (in SAP when available) and likes the web gems segment on Baseball Tonight.

She plays Ms Pac Man ALL THE TIME (para relajarse).

Her favorite winter coat is an old San José Sharks Starter parka. She's hip to throwbacks.

She likes spray painting things gold, silver or ivory.

Loves her some rooty-tooty fresh n' fruity from the ihop (pan-cay howse as she calls it)

She always gives me the heads up on junk put out on curbs and/or helps look for junk to paint on from the segunda.

She takes measurements (quite accurate ones) with her hands.

She enjoys crucigramas (crossword puzzles) and sopa de letras (word searches) and when gets stuck on an answer asks me to look it up "en el inter-net".

My Mom is an autograph seeker-she has an autograph book even. She's very proud of her autographs and pictures of various cast members from different seasons of La Academia (Mexico's equivalent of American Idol) as well as Pepe & Don Antonio Aguilar, famous telenovela actors, Dodger's owner Frank McCourt, Tigres of the North and Blue Demon Jr. There's more and she'll feel shortchanged when I show her this and finds out I left someone off the list.

Last but not least, I love when she pretends to be the "Cha Cha" (maid) when telemarketers call for her. "Es que ahorrita no se encuentra la Señora de la casa"

She's so great and little. I love all 5ft of her.

P.S: She recently learned how to text message and is thinking all bad.