November 18, 2006


     It's a sad sad day. Not just because Scientology nuptials are all the rage or because neither you nor I have a PS3 (I thought if I started off with something topical, you'd be more apt to stick around for the heart of the matter) but because, THREE, THREEEE of my paintings may or may not have been lost in the mail. Not getting a tracking number will haunt me for the rest of my days as did dropping out of junior high basketball after I made the first cut. Moot shitty point. I sent my work "priority", which normally means a delivery in 3-5 days. Pan to me TWO point five weeks later, in shambles, whimpering in my closet wishing I had a sweet release like secret cutting. :) Alright, I'm being dramatic but still. It was for a good cause too, they were intercepted on route to San Francisco, for Galeria de la Raza's annual art auction, "PACHANGA!" Uggghhhhh, see it doesn't pay to be charitable. I knew it. So if you see these up in a crack den near you or going for chump change on ebay, notify me.