January 22, 2011

the real housewives of the arts

     This show opens up today.  CHICk it out.  That was horrible, I apologize.  Special thanks to Raquel De Anda- if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have any shows at all. :)  Can I just say, I never learn.  Bad move leaving to Mexico for 2 1/2 weeks the month before the show.  Bad move having a bubble girl immune system and being sick for all the days of 2011.  BUT I got things done despite being on the cold & cough merry-go-round.  It's slowed down some but has not come to a complete stop.

      Coinciding with this show was a series of poster ADS located on the platforms of BART stations everywhere.  My poster is of one of my digital drawings per request of Raquel.  We didn't end up printing this up or the other two I worked on for the actual show.  I'm thinking maybe I'll put them up on zazzle or on here.  

This is the one on the poster....

and here it is, on location. Or at one location...

And here's some sneakiness from the stairwell at CIIS.