April 24, 2007


Going to Ross/TJ Maxx (not so much Marshalls) is the new paxil. My stress management (pre-art show, mid playoffs -on the ice SJ Sharks and the skating on thin ice LA Lakers) consists of purchasing junk I'll never wear or see ever again. Damn you 20-60% below regular store prices... always initiating staring contests and double daring me. Well played, off-price retailers, well played. Annddd why were such department stores the topic of my text messaging ALL day?!?! (did you know they have a DD's Discounts in San Jose now? Cause I didn't. Thanks Belén.)
Here's some of the booty I've plundered.

Today's find....Gold nike cortez.

A few weeks back...

Horrible, I know.

Not only am I stressed come show time but I also now live in filth...it's getting progressively worse. And although I finally bought an easel, apparently I don't use it. I know the photo is blurry, I can't be revealing secrets on here all the time. Ya'll don't make yourselves known, there's no telling who's lurking on the interweb.

Last but not least, here's a picture of the BLACK squirrel that has been living in my backyard for years now. It runs up and down that fence all day long while I paint. I'll try to get a better picture of him.