June 26, 2007


Good news! The Pistolitas de Azúcar show has been extended for two more weeks! You have up until July 14th to check it out. You can hear more about the show as well as an interview with The Date Farmers and the awesome curator Raquel de Anda on this archived radio spot, here's the link...(((RADIO 2050))). And next month, I will be participating in Outer Edge Studio's "The favorites show," click the flyer for more info or visit their website. Tons of fun artists, everything is priced at $600 or less. Who really needs a reason to go to Monterey anyway, it's so nice out there.

So what obnoxious Dodger hat do you think I should invest in? You're right the C-note one would have been "hella tight" had it been done in gold foil. Boooo. Help me. :)