June 29, 2008


Super prolific graf artist Diar was in a very serious accident a couple of months ago, a bunch of artists have donated some work for one, of a couple scheduled benefits to aid him with medical expenses. It's a miracle he's alive, so do your good turn and contribute by purchasing some artwork from the roster shown or making a monetary donation to the address that follows.

D. Donations
P.O. BOX 659
GILROY, CA 95021-0659

I sent in the piece below, it's small (3.5" x 5"), woodburned.

The Dodgers were NO HIT yesterday and they still won. Haha. Terrible.

June 15, 2008


My Dad is the hardest person to shop for, only because he's set in his ways and knows what he likes so there's little wiggle room. I created this list last year, of the default Dad's day gifts and it has stood the test of time. Since I recently blogged about Ma dukes, it's only right they get equal playing time. Here it is with some edits reflecting the past years evolution.
  • Anything SF Giants or 49ers (gross, I know- still his only flaw)
  • Jim Carey, Mr Bean movies (now that he has DishTv, it's all about the DE PELICULA channel)
  • Polo Shirts and 501's
  • Boston baked beans (He's now all about strawberry sundaes in a cup, Coca Cola in a the glass bottle and Cajeta)
  • Cruz Azul merch (probably not a good idea, it's too soon, the loss in the finals probably still stings. Maybe just the Mexican National team new fit.)
  • Something for his troka (usually from a gas station/truck stop...i.e air fresheners, pewter Santo or Virgen, accessories with sports insignia)
  • Aviator sunglasses (or reading glasses, I think he buys a new pair every month.)
  • Mexican Comedian Polo Polo CDs or Chico Che CDs
  • I don't think it exists but a Gift card/season pass to el yonke (also known as "Pick your part" or Pick and pull")
Everyone really likes my Dad, he has a contagious laugh where his eyes disappear and he turns red. He's an awesome mechanic and an excellent ikea furniture builder. I love watching boxing and soccer with him because he's always so animated. I miss the days we'd carpool to work together and listen to oldies. I admire the confidence in his broken English and his ability to drive 10+ hours overnight and still party with some birria once we arrive. He doesn't even get mad when we make up different nick names for him. :)

June 9, 2008


This morning while internetting, I came across a bulletin on the space. The subject line pulled me in, "Mexican Artists in the Bay Area", so I followed the link to an article on today's front page of the SF Chronicle. I read it out of mere interest and was surprised to read this whole SENTENCE. :)

My favorite part is "San Jose based" yeeeaahhh! Ricardo says it's finally a legit write up cause people have to PAY for the Chronicle. :D I just think it's funny how I found my way to it. I would have never known about it-Thanks Francisco for the bulletin. Here's a LINK to the whole article, good read.