November 25, 2013


      Update on shirtgate! For all those that I have already vented to repeatedly or have casually made aware of this complete bullshit feel free to skim and skip your way out.  And yes, this is the last you'll hear about it.  For those I haven't yet filled in, let me catch you up!  First, can I just say I was totally gonna let sleeping assholes lie because  I understand you can't argue with stupid.  BUT,  since,  baseball is over,  I have some newly freed up time and (illogically) part of me is NOT completely sure that our ousting from the playoffs isn't some sort of karma (because dude in question is a huge Dodgers fan) so my aggravation remains and has only been made worse with recent winter dealings, baseball awards and such reenforcing my belief that the Dodgers could have been somebody if not for this one dude doing someone (me) so wrong. It makes sense.

       Alright, couple of months ago, I came across this image,  (the one below on the left)  on the other end of a simple google image search for "Dodgers".   I noticed the bottom left quadrant and what appeared to be a shirt made from a drawing  I did in efforts to get Puig and Adrian Gonzalez into the all-star game, that I had posted on my instagram in July.  The one on the right.  Here is the LIVE link, check the dates.

      I mean, just take a look below at what happens when you overlap them.  There was no doubt, it was my drawing.  Not from a photograph, my original drawing. What was most infuriating was that the guy ripping me off didn't even try to draw it himself.  He didn't merely steal the concept/design of the shirt, he just traced it and added some ugly elements.  Every shadow shape and every line, mine. Except the botched arm where he went off the cuff.

 (fig 2)

   So THAT twitter image led me to -> @Dodgersbeat twitter account (not his personal twitter @rogerarrieta) then twitter sent me to his website -> clicking under the store section led me to -> Dugout Brand 's storefront on store envy, (I'll get into their stupidity a little later) that store has since been retired and reconfigured into a new monster, LAsportsbeat.  Same shit, different scam. You can tell it's the same dude just by looking at the funny looking "LA Sports Beat" logo in his header.  And judging by the looks of his pushing the limits of fair use inventory he has for sale,  he has learned nothing.  I'm suuuurree he personally took those professional photographs of iconic Los Angeles sports announcers.  Old habits die hard, I guess.  WELL it was in his now defunct Dugout brand store where I first saw my design for sale with his foul modifications, like that hideous indiscernible maze of a Dodgersbeat logo on his helmet, the "66" and the biggest eyesore, the reckless attempt at rendering the arm on the right because he was unable to figure out the foreshortening on my original drawing.  I was outraged and a little flattered at first.  But that spell was broken once I realized he was making money off my work, I stayed up drawing that shit, not lifting it from the internet.

     I went directly to the source and called him out on instagram and facebook simultaneously with this post and this one.   Having tagged him (@dodgersbeat, not his personal instagram @rogerarrieta) I knew for a fact he would see it.  I was all but ready to call it a night thinking surely whoever had so blatantly ripped someone off would probably just try to disappear , lay low but then...

      GTFOH.  Since he blocked me, on both instagram and disabled "fan" commenting/posting on his Dodgersbeat facebook (not his personal one)  there was no way to make sure he got my reply and I was NOT gonna let him play me out.  Especially since he decided to be a little bitch about this whole thing and straight up lie.   I had to get grimy.  I took that shit to twitter, ya'll. Yes, twitter beef. 


      After a half hearted twitter war where he @Dodgersbeat (not his personal one @rogerarrieta) would just delete (my tweets) and  deny, deny, deny...I had it.  I furiously group texted everyone, "can you believe this shit is happening?"  but no one hear me though. They didn't want to see me worked up.  No one wants to hulk out but sometimes you have to.  He wasn't gonna take them down.  "Don't say I didn't give you a chance, we'll see what Storeenvy has to say about intellectual property." and I followed up with my threat,  I submitted my "proof" below in an email to their support address.

      Substantial evidence on my behalf forced StoreEnvy to take the shirt down.  And I prematurely celebrated with this post, I even arrogantly bashed on one of his designs that he tried to come out with in the same style as my Puig drawing.  Only this time it wasn't so easy without someone else drawing it for him. Oh oh.  So of course it looked dumb as hell and everyone else noticed too.  He must have been keeping tabs on my posts because he quickly took down the shirt and it hasn't been seen since. :)  At least theres that, some satisfaction that I (along with my facebook friends) shamed him into retiring his OWN poor design/ rendering.  Luckily for you, screen caps exist.

      Here comes the fun part.  "Graphic designer" Roger Arrieta ( of is a cheat and complete moron. After our day long twitter war and his denying, lying and "...I don't need to show you any proof" talk.  He hit me with this gem.  His "proof" of creation date. Look it over carefully.  Although he's mastered photoshop...
     ...he has not learned to double check his work.  Tsk, tsk.  REALLY!? Now if you're unfamiliar with computers or with stupid lying thieving bitches that'll go to extreme measures to cover their butt, let me point something out to you and to Roger Arrieta if he's reading this because he sure as hell didn't  catch his oversight when doctoring this image and posting it on twitter and then submitting it to StoreEnvy as his "proof".  A LEGIT FILE ONLY HAS ONE FILE SIZE, DUMMY.  There is no way there is such a discrepancy in a file's size when looking up it's info. UNLESS of course...the file is non-existant, like good ol Rog's conscience and was cut and pasted together to uphold Roger's fiction.   

     He's simpler than I thought.  I pointed this out to the people at store envy, they confirmed it was the same proof he submitted to them and eventhough they initially made him take it down, they said he had provided yet more proof (gold) to back up his case.  This is what they said and more importantly showed me. 

      I don't even know what to make of his second round of doctored proof.  Give him enough computer time he will say that Puig posed for him in his home and is likely to photoshop images of that actually happening.  And store envy would probably buy it.  Tragic.   At least I made him sweat and work feverishly hard to keep up his ruse.  He put more work into his cover up than he ever did tracing my work.  It appears he has stopped selling the shirt in question on storeenvy and has relegated all vending of it  to ebay transactions and to those out of his trunk.   I'm sure they were only a constant reminder of what a shitty person he is, I would probably want to get rid of the overstock too.  Good luck Roger Arrieta, good luck navigating through life with your abandoned moral compass and lack of real talent.

Here's some bonus material that's just too rich

      54 sold on  (ebay) BUT he doesn't "make money" off them or nothing.

This is exchange is hilarious

Then there's this...

Yeah Roger, don't be that guy.

November 7, 2013


   Got a few inquiries about my Whisper drawing, check the previous post for more info on it.  The print is kind of grainy/soft, printed on 8.5 x 11 card stock.  I sign and write a Whisper quote from the film on each one.  Zoom in on the picture to see for yourself.  If you still want one, holler below.

$20 + shipping

October 17, 2013

Pachucas, Cholas y Chundas

      Chola of all trades Mayra "Breezy" Ramirez invited me to be a part of Homegirls, a chola themed group show up in Oakland at Amor Eterno. You know I love a theme!  But somehow I never went through a chola phase, only a poorly drawn eyebrow phase. Some might argue I'm still in that phase.  And somehow my neighbor/best friend's lightweight gang banging accounts were far from authentic and I didn't come close enough in proximity to the real ones on my block to get an impression. So for my pieces I drew inspiration from where I learned everything I know about cholas, one of my favorite movies of all time Mi Vida Loca.  This is my digital drawing of Whisper (who was not an actress) in her foreshadowing window scene with Sad Girl right before the big show down with Mousey at "...the logs, where you (Sad Girl) became a slut with my vato! (Mousey's vato, Ernesto. Why didn't Ernesto have a nickname? Idk.)"   That, that right there should tell you just how much of a chola I am not and never was when I describe Sad Girl and Mousey throwing down as "the big show down" or that I even tried it by attempting to rectify and say "throwing down." :/  Ohmaiiigah tho, did I tell you I found the real Whisper on facebook and I've shown incredible self-control in not adding her as a friend even-thoouugh she's a Dodgers and Raiders fan. Just saaaaying I have NOT completely ruled out subscribing/following/poking her though.

      Printed up a few of these (they came out kind of crappy), signed them and added a different Whisper quote on each.  I framed one in a cheap county fair prize type picture frame that I scribed into.  I always loved the honey bear on the window sill and the backlit over-processed mesh of feathered tresses on Whisper in this scene. 

       Aside from something illustrative that would be representative of the culture,  I wanted to  reproduce some of the tendencies in their vestments. In another nod to Mi Vida Loca, I embroidered Sad Girls Y Que,  the title of one of the vignettes in the film, onto these china doll slippers.  I covered the sole of the maryjanes with brown pañuelo and adhered them to a knock-off charlie brown polo. Same treatment behind the embroidered snapback that I tagged up the bent brim of with the different siiiiides of San Jo and the names of mi "clicka" (really just the nicknames of my brothers and mine).

     On the left, I made mexi name bracelets of my hometown(s) and single chain knit faux "jelly" bands knotted up the choli way.   On the right, I embroidered and sewed an escapulario with praying hands and  the └A logo on it. I'm pretty sure escapularios are every Mexican babies first accessory, miento, maybe second next to an ojo de venado bracelet or baptism medallita that you are never allowed to wear because you'll lose it. The scapular was admittedly in part for the show and also to send my boys (los doyers) some prayer. :/  

      The show runs until the end of November.  Go see it! Or watch this video!  You'll see my knit Baby Cortez from my previous show in there too. Fun bunch of arteests and pieces.  If you're up in Oaktown hit up the gallery on 18th ave, rumor is the property was once Bruce Lee's party house.  Kewl.

September 24, 2013


Selling these original sketches, colored pencil, gesso on paper (8.5 x 11) in white plastic/glass frame.

Which one?

August 1, 2013

Mucha Lucha

      Earlier this year I was asked to contribute to the "Lucha" issue of an online contemporary art magazine, APOCRIFA , based out of Guadalajara, México.  The magazine has amazing images from a diverse group of artists and a beautiful layout.  I wish it were also analog! They included a bunch of my luchadoras as well as an amazing fictional conversation with me. (see fig.2) Check out the issue here.

July 10, 2013


      My 9 year old cousins are visiting soon SO get your orders in on-time for me to exploit their tiny little fingers in aid of making these.  Click the image to pick and choose your favorites.  Then follow the paypal link below. Don't forget to specify (in the "notes to merchant" in paypal) which ones you want or I'll just pick willy nilly meaning you'll get whatever items are not moving. ;)

   How many?

Download video: MP4 format

June 20, 2013


Kids are kind of ruling all right now.  Might have to rethink getting me one of them.

Ride or Die


I don't think I ever got chills during the national anthem until this kid came along.

June 7, 2013

Cause the Weasel Goes Pop

  Honored to have some pieces (older work) in this group exhibition alongside some awesome ladies. Show opens this friday June 7th from 6:30pm on, as part of first fridays art walk and SubZERO festival. Click here for more info on the show- I know it says Misty but I assure you it's me. :)

Hogar Dulce (a)Hogar II

Here are some recent pictures from my solo show at The Arsenal (on the Alameda) in San José, CA. The show will still be up for a couple more weeks but you missed out on cake. Click through the thumbnails and click the link below to see more on my flickr.
"What about me?""What about me?"T is for Trompo, C is for CobijaBaby Cortezreception
"Dual Loyalties""Dual Loyalties""Dual Loyalties""Dual Loyalties""Dual Loyalties"reception
Hogar Dulce (a)Hogar, a set on Flickr.