November 3, 2016

BOBBY enamel PIN

Piggy backing off last year's post, offering up my last remaining Bob pins for $12, free shipping TODAY ONLY!!!  Don't want to paypal? Venmo me, or send monies through facebook.




From the maker (me) of the Bob painting and the Bob drawing comes the Bobby Pin! 

       "You're the asshole with all the money," so buy 1, 2 or 3!  "Don't let it be your first or your last!" Yes, I do intend to quote Bob as much as possible.  

      OK, couple of things.
  •  If you buy more than one, do the math and only pay $3 once. So for 2 it'd be $37, 3 it'd be $54. 
  • My preferred method of payment in order would be Payments in facebook messenger ( Mitsy Avila Ovalles) or through the Venmo app (@Mit5Y), PayPal is cool IF you just SEND MONEY, here's my link ( )  I'm trying to avoid the fee towards PayPal/Trump supporter but I will add the paypal button for you lazy/trepidus folk down below.
  • If you send money through any of the above methods, make sure you add your address in the notes/comments/message or hit me up through social media and I will match up your order with your address.

Again, if you can just SEND MONEY just through my paypal link. 

                                                           HOW MANY?

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November 4, 2015


   Reprinted the HOMEGIRLS design on a crew neck just in time for cold,  added a EP on the back of the unisex crewneck sweater too.  I also did a small run of tote bags for your mandado.  Hit the paypal button below if you'd like either of these. You can combine shipping if you get both.  I might do another small run because so many folks preordered leaving my inventory at about half.  If it says the size you want is sold out or looking for a bigger size, email/instagram/ facebook me. AND I still have a few WHAT ABOUT ME? Bob-o shirts available too, here


Want just a tote? Order here


November 1, 2015


   Another halloween in the books. My Mom says I need to switch it up and stop being ROUND SWEET things (see fig.3) but its only my natural shape and demeanor.  So I was a mazapan and I'm pretty sure all the browns out trick-o-treating loved it, it's transgenerational. Made out of cushion foam, felt, glue sticks and plastic wrap.  I did my own manicure too.

Haha some timely and appropriate memes.

Past sweet round costumes


September 18, 2015


   Luke Martinez, of The Last Cat had me take part in his Nine Lives show in San Francisco at RVCA. I don't know if he knows it but one of my biggest phobia/fears in life are cats. And don't come for me hypothetical cats & cat enthusiasts judging me, talking bout it  being an irrational fear.  Cats are scared of cucumbers and aluminum foil, so ::eyeroll::.  Anyway, he loves cats, of course he requested my QueHaceres series for the show and I drew up two new pieces and set up a new small installation. Here are some links to coverage of the show.

Here's a lil preview of my mess. 

   Ohhh wanna hear a cool story?  So, I was working on my Don't look at me/lil puppet drawing one night, while listening/watching to some arduously fought and WON Dodgers game against the hated Giant douchers of San Francisco (it's cool, Luke is also a Dodgers fan) and posted about it on my instagrams and feis. The next day after some kindness from some well connected LA folk, THEE LITTLE PUPPET, actor Daniel Villareal not only saw my drawing but messaged/thanked me for drawing him being choked out by OG Puppet after a light hearted conversation between the two brahs about Little puppet's name relating to his ween size.  So he only really said "Thank you for the little puppet drawing" BUT he also gave me a facebook thumbs up, not just any thumbs up but the kind you hold down so that it inflates a little.  He also shared it on his page. So cool.

    Ohh wanna hear another cool story?  I really like surprises, and/or surprising people (case in point, I eloped).  I've done a few tribute piece(s) for family in the past.  One for my older brother Mario and one for my primo-hermano Danny T and up until this last show, my cousin Little (really, it's Manuel and no relation to Little puppet) lived a lie and pretended my Churritos piece was his tribute.   Leading up to the show, I was really hoping he'd make it out and surprise him with my painting dedicated to him.  His wife claims he teared up a little (I believe it :) ) he denies it. That's him there, as a young hulkamaniac and then now fully grown hulkamaniac.

April 7, 2015


   We (my huz and I) are now a split team household.  Luckily our teams are usually not in direct competition, or not that often anyway.  As you know, I do it up for opening day festivities and this year was no different, I mean with the exception of having to include him.  Side eye. But Dogers still won out on the big screen, relegating the White Sox to that tiny little ipad you see on the coffee table. :)  GO DODGERS!! (and whitesox) 

Sport peppers and kaiser buns are not readily available on the west coast, so I improvised.  We had a dog off but found both the Dodger Dog and Chicago dog equally nitrite-licious.

January 21, 2015


    Thelastcat and I partnered up to bring you a tshirt of my What About Me? drawing.  These are 100% cotton preshrunk unisex tees and we will each have a limited run. So hurry up and buy one before they're sold out or don't, its up to you..."you're the asshole with all the money." - Bob Morales :)

You get a limited edition tshirt and 3 one inch Bob buttons


If you're looking to buy just a shirt (no pins) you can paypal me by clicking on this link

This is the original drawing. A commissioned piece that Jai of Seeing Things gallery in San Jose requested based on my painting of Bob Morales for his lovely wife. 

October 15, 2014


Here's a commissioned drawing for my homie Johnny of 5 color cowboy.  He made shirts and stickers out of it. No more praying hands, no more chola bands.

September 6, 2014


Some progress shots of a pencil drawing I did for an all graphite show over at the Arsenal.

"Sonnt was right.  The working man is a sucka!" 

I know it says MITZY but I assure you, it's me. :)  Go to the show tonight, if you don't believe me. 

August 8, 2014


      Again, I know it says Misty but I assure you it's me :) and other fun folk from SJ/SF/the world.  We get 100% of sales made so prices are low!  

May 23, 2014