September 18, 2015


   Luke Martinez, of The Last Cat had me take part in his Nine Lives show in San Francisco at RVCA. I don't know if he knows it but one of my biggest phobia/fears in life are cats. And don't come for me hypothetical cats & cat enthusiasts judging me, talking bout it  being an irrational fear.  Cats are scared of cucumbers and aluminum foil, so ::eyeroll::.  Anyway, he loves cats, of course he requested my QueHaceres series for the show and I drew up two new pieces and set up a new small installation. Here are some links to coverage of the show.

Here's a lil preview of my mess. 

   Ohhh wanna hear a cool story?  So, I was working on my Don't look at me/lil puppet drawing one night, while listening/watching to some arduously fought and WON Dodgers game against the hated Giant douchers of San Francisco (it's cool, Luke is also a Dodgers fan) and posted about it on my instagrams and feis. The next day after some kindness from some well connected LA folk, THEE LITTLE PUPPET, actor Daniel Villareal not only saw my drawing but messaged/thanked me for drawing him being choked out by OG Puppet after a light hearted conversation between the two brahs about Little puppet's name relating to his ween size.  So he only really said "Thank you for the little puppet drawing" BUT he also gave me a facebook thumbs up, not just any thumbs up but the kind you hold down so that it inflates a little.  He also shared it on his page. So cool.

    Ohh wanna hear another cool story?  I really like surprises, and/or surprising people (case in point, I eloped).  I've done a few tribute piece(s) for family in the past.  One for my older brother Mario and one for my primo-hermano Danny T and up until this last show, my cousin Little (really, it's Manuel and no relation to Little puppet) lived a lie and pretended my Churritos piece was his tribute.   Leading up to the show, I was really hoping he'd make it out and surprise him with my painting dedicated to him.  His wife claims he teared up a little (I believe it :) ) he denies it. That's him there, as a young hulkamaniac and then now fully grown hulkamaniac.

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