April 25, 2006


My homeslice SEAN BOYLES (pictured here) and 11 no names, ERR, his classmates are putting on their MFA shows over at the lady colllege, Mills -Sean is NOT a cross dresser, their grad school is co-ed- here are the details...


5000 MacArthur Blvd.
Oakland, CA
Click for map

SIDEBAR/SHAMELESS PLUG: Sean and I will also be participating in this show, in Monterey...if it doesn't hold your interest you can always check out the aquarium or chow down at Bubba Gumps, win win. :)

ANNDDD in other news, I recently picked up my work from Red Ink Studios in SF. I was unpacking and among my things, I found this owl pendant on a gold chain...I've asked around, and I still don't know who the lady/mister bountiful is that was sooo generous. I figure myspace was a good place to start my super sleuthing. I guess any of you can always pretend it was your gesture and thereby win my eternal loyalty. Thanks anonymous! I love it! I'll never take it off, NEVER!! Or at least not until it turns my neck green.


I sent this out originally as a bulletin, but really who reads those? But then who reads my bloggards? Lose, Lose. Anyway I apologize in advance for the deja vu and the irrelevant intro.


Seems I've gotten over my bulletin phobia, at least it's for a good reason, not that hassling people to "comment on a new pic" or reminding them how out of touch they are with the "How well do you know me?" survey, is of lesser importance or anything. Ugh, well now that I've alienated everyone...In case ya'll didn't know I come from a legacy of talented stalk. Hahah. My cousin Rhode Montijo is having a book release celebration for his first children's book Cloud Boy this weekend. He is an AMAZING guy and also the wrist/mind behind HAPPY TREE FRIENDS and PABLOS INFERNO among other things. Here is a rundown of what is going down in his own words..

"There will be complimentary food prepared by my mom along with some original art from the book on display. My brother will be spinning some tunes too! You can bring your already purchased book to have it signed or buy your own there. There will also be a raffle where you could win a lot of the things I've produced throughout the years, like comics, prints, sketchbooks, t-shirts, among other goodies, all for the cost of one canned food or for $1. The canned foods will be donated to a local shelter and the money will go to the Galeria (a non-profit organization) to help with it's costs to keep it going. There's no limit to the amount of tickets to buy, so bring as many canned foods or $1 bills as you'd like! It's for a good cause! There will be three chances to win!!! It'll be a fun occasion, I hope to see you there! Feel free to invite anybody who might be interested! All ages welcome!!! " - Rhode

Ahh, and just when you thought this bulletin was in no way self-serving... Saturday is also the last day of the show I'm in MIND MAPS at the same gallery. 2 for 1. Scope it. Spread it.

Close your browser,

This will be taking place this Saturday, April 22nd from 4:00-6:00 pm at
Galeria De La Raza(in the Mission District)
2857 24th Street ( cross street at Bryant)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 826-8009 phone to Galeria