December 12, 2009

Death Cheater: First Blood part II

       The second annual BENNYfit art show for Diar will be happening in a couple of hours. Go check it out, I hear the walls are packed with affordable artwork that all goes towards covering his medical expenses.  Here's my contribution, 8 x 10 inch ink/gesso/collage/pencil/glitter sketch on paper.  Click away

"Girls and Birds are hip" 

December 2, 2009


My little cousin Pablo is a natural story teller and great illustrator.

His Darth Vader

December 1, 2009


(My favorite Vin Scully call EVER.)

The Dodgers announced today that Vin Scully will return to broadcast the 2010 season.  That's awesome, sadly his contract will probably be the ONLY newsworthy move this off-season.  : / Stupid broken homes and paperwork. Oh, so now that Chip is out, is Vin in?

 Okay. I'm gonna share a secret with you right now...I watch(ed) entirely too much baseball and now there's proof.  At the begining of this past season, I started documenting the games I caught with a picture or screen cap of Vin Scully during his opening words or his anecdote prior to the 6th inning. I finally put together a .gif from my flickr files.  Don't judge my life or lack of one.  Let it load it the first time through and then watch it in real speed.

November 30, 2009


It's that time of year, I'm trying to migrate tax brackets. I slashed prices on older pieces and low balled new ones. I'll also be taking a few orders for my embroidered pan dulce pieces, made to order, so specify which pan you'd like me to stitch for you. Take a closer lurk at the merch HERE but checkout down below.  Email me for other forms of payment. Thanks!

November 20, 2009

November 10, 2009


"Chiquis, Hueso, Chencho & Little" graphite, 18"x 24" (framed)

I was on deadline for the last couple of weeks so I missed a proper halloween, post.   Here's a recent drawing that would have been relevant and in the spirit of.  I'm the cabbage patch kid with the  homemade yarn wig and the rest are the monstros I grew up with.  My cousin Danny (hueso) costume: unknown,  my brother Mario (Chencho) costume: claims he's Skeletor, and my cousin Manuel (Little) costume: old simplicity pattern krumping clown costume no one escaped. You can make out the collage part a little better here.

The boys came over the day after and I forced them to not only recreate Halloween for me but to engage in reverse trick-or-treat. Victor said he was ninja Punisher.  Marco was an uprocking Mike Jones or Mike Singletary?

Bonus: Prince Markie Dee little Isis.

November 6, 2009


I'll have some new, old and remixed stuff up at MACLA. It opens today, along with a boatload of other shows for FIRST FRIDAYS.

The boys and I had another drawing contest. Marco was predicting an early victory and Victor might have phoned it in.   Result is the same, I WIN! Don't even step to me kids.

October 24, 2009


Feliz cumpleaños lady

Thanks for my life and for letting me soak your shirt with black salty tears and mocos, Dumbo-baby mine style.  And for letting me write on it, thugged out stomach style.

Our jam...

October 15, 2009


Last night I dreamt the Dodgers lost game 1, 4-3, in some 9th inning Broxton bullshit.  So now I'm scared.  Thoughts of 'oh eight assCole Hamels, the flaming hawaiian and el cucui Matt Stairs haunt me.  I can't help but think I'm being set up for disappointment deja vu reloaded.
 I love, love, love that the Dodgers made quick work of the competition in the NLDS again despite the skeptics again- myself included .  Ravech, I knew I hated your guts. You're my boy Neel!  Wait, I think Neel picked the Phils in the NLCS,  so kill that noise. 
  LA did it, even without those haters over at trying to come up on my hard earned paypal monies.  Listen "cameron", I don't need YOU to talk to MY God, and he won't try to shake me down ethier. They eventually posted my prayer, long after the Dodgers had swept,  thanks for nothing internet prayer circle.  I'll stick to veladoras and Padre Nuestros. THINK BLUE!

October 14, 2009


Stupid power outage (16+ hours) yesterday rendered me stupid bored.   Nothing got done. Bit of advice, don't apply rouge by candlelight, you'll look like a hussy once you hit the flourescent. 

October 2, 2009


If you missed the opening, the Certified Participants group show will be up all month long, concluding with a hallowienie roast.  (I don't know if they'll actually have wienies but there will be partying)  ANNND  Sean and company will be opening up the spot every Wednesday & Saturday this month for drawing club/ show viewing (except this saturday because everyone should be at the Ahn sisters, Roots show)

PostScript:  I WANT TO GO TO THERE!!!!  (tonight, please?)




September 7, 2009


A few months ago, Will of The Mumlers asked that I draw up something for their sophomore release, Don't Throw Me Away. (Which is out everywhere TODAY, yall.) Now, I was hesitant because that shit never works out. There's far too many people to please and I have far too many insecurities about my own ability to have others call it into question. I always feel too sucky for big projects...shows-residencies-commissions-murals-tattoo sketches-grad school-marriage. You can't lose if you don't try- aim low. (Now you know, if I've ever passed on something, it's usually me not you.) Now, that they actually got me to commit (HUGE) in the first place is pure circumstance. No knock on the Mumlers, because I love their music, but I DID just happen to get on board around the new year- a susceptible time of reflection and over ambitious pinky swears of change.

I was crazy obsessed and whiny through it all. Luckily there were folks around buttressing my sunken shoulders through the whole process. Feedback from the band/ label helped as did Ramo telling me to think all bad cause everyone else does. (: Thanks guys. I also figured this is right in line with my dream to leave a legacy of merchandise tucked away under glass cabinets in my basement like ex-pro wrestlers. Finally I'll have something other than digital files to remember my originals by.

I did all the text & innards by hand, and the layout.

They also used one of my woodburned pieces for the pink 7in single. Here's the video for that single...

This one is my favorite

Their official record release party is set for later this week...

Addendum: The Mumlers are on the itunes home page, they did a fun treatment for the band with some of the elements of the album cover, like my font and drawin.

July 31, 2009


In observance of my favorite Canadian national holiday, Canada day (also my birthday) my Mom took to the wild of Joseph Grant county park and captured a butterfly for me to whisper a wish to and set free. Straight biting a scene from her novela, where Jose Maria gifts Violeta with the same. It really is the thought that counts though, she went to such great lengths. She may or may not have knowingly ignored warning signs designating the area as a butterfly sanctuary. (Sshh!)
Here's what the internet tells us...according to a Native American legend because butterflies do not omit sound you can trust they won't run their mouth about your hearts' desire until they reach the Great Spirit in the sky. In gratitude of you giving the butterfly it's freedom your wish is granted.
I'm still waiting on it.

My dad is just asking for me to become the crazy bird lady.
He gave me the two new shorties on the left.

Got some other rad $tuff...Dodger thangs, DVDs and this rad drawing from Ricardo.
I wonder if this is my coming of age birthday. :)

- - --
Real quick.
The Dodgers had not lost more than 2 consecutive games all season long. So when they went into a 4 game skid this past week, I panicked. I really felt that they would never win again. I've been spoiled during the first half. Lets reset with this clip of Conan switching allegiance...

June 30, 2009


...and I like it.
Pau first pitchKemp & Ariza BFFThe Machiinneeee throw ballOdom & KershawKobe & McDonaldO Dawg's head behind Odom during the playoffs

June 21, 2009


Yeaaah! Double exposure and ruffled tuxedo shirts.
Love you Puchie.
Happy Father's Day!

June 15, 2009


A parade! I get to see a victory parade tomorrow! Not since Shaq's rendition of Rob Base & Easy Rock's It Takes Two and mormon Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen's bilingual declarations of three-peats and "cua-tro" have I been witness to one of those. Yeee!

I almost felt bad after wins throughout the playoffs. I mean, really ABC? Were all the heart breaking stories during halftime necessary? And it's always the opposing team's #1 fans that have the hard luck or inspirational story. In the w.conference finals we had uplifting Nicholas with spina bifida and that touching b-roll footage of his friendship with loveable giant Mutumbo. There was little Ryan, whose love for the Orlando Magic brought him out of his selective mutism. Then belting out the national anthem each night, a darling autistic 7 year old named Gina Marie. At some point, I think I was resigned to the fact that it wouldn't be so bad if LA lost. Stupid, right? Now I just figure, Orlando has Dwight Howard, and those kids are little...they'll see a championship. I'm gonna enjoy it now because looting and keeping Ariza vs Odom is bringing me down.


As if I ever need a reason to throw some Teen Wolf & Lil Wayne on this bitch blog. . . (look for the Magic ally oop to tenor Ralph Tresvant)

I'm on the facebook now. I'm already regretting it and not for the obvious reasons. But because everytime I go on there, I'm face-to-screen with this dude. (I can't post the picture, because then he would win) Whhhhy!? Why carne asada neck face guy, even out of my peripheral it's too much. Ughhhh, it's Brujeria's Matando Güeros album cover all over again. How am I their target audience? I've never in my life even taken a sin stick to my mouth. How about a little ingenuity with the adverse-ments instead of faces of death. I'm missing those Truth ads right about now.