November 10, 2009


"Chiquis, Hueso, Chencho & Little" graphite, 18"x 24" (framed)

I was on deadline for the last couple of weeks so I missed a proper halloween, post.   Here's a recent drawing that would have been relevant and in the spirit of.  I'm the cabbage patch kid with the  homemade yarn wig and the rest are the monstros I grew up with.  My cousin Danny (hueso) costume: unknown,  my brother Mario (Chencho) costume: claims he's Skeletor, and my cousin Manuel (Little) costume: old simplicity pattern krumping clown costume no one escaped. You can make out the collage part a little better here.

The boys came over the day after and I forced them to not only recreate Halloween for me but to engage in reverse trick-or-treat. Victor said he was ninja Punisher.  Marco was an uprocking Mike Jones or Mike Singletary?

Bonus: Prince Markie Dee little Isis.

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