March 24, 2008


Baseball is only a week away!!

I can only hope the 2008 Dodgers channel an eighth of the winning spirit that the squad committed onto video8 back in ’87 (Wait- 87 was a bad year but you wouldn’t even know that from the resolve & heart in their step) Orel Hershiser gets the MVP for his considerably on-tempo body roll throughout and an honorable mention goes out to Ed Begely Jr for his cameo. Don’t let the pit stains on those satin jackets, and the jheri juice from Mariano Duncan and Pedro Guerrero’s perm be in vain. Let this footage set the tone, go Dodgers! :)

Mesmerizing right?

In theme with resplendent retro music video clinics put on by pro athletes, here’s one I hope pushes los Lakers through the last leg of this season. But I say, "Just say YES" to HGH for the Lakers injured big men- Gasol, Ariza, Mihm and Bynum. How gangster is Pat Riley in this? Watch for the chimuelo at the 2:27 mark. I can’t stand when kids go around looking like little vampires. 

Buy me the 12 inch! I’ll let you sample Kurt Rambis raps.

March 20, 2008


The Manifesto Volume 2 show will be up for another week or so. For those that can’t or refuse to go...I came across a post on BK CIRCUS’ blog with some images and a recommendation. :) Check it below or here's the link.

Also, New Leaf Clothing put up a big batch of photos from the opening and of the artwork on their flickr, image link below. If you would like to purchase any of the work, you can do so through D Structure’s website.

P.S: Marquez was...