December 1, 2009


(My favorite Vin Scully call EVER.)

The Dodgers announced today that Vin Scully will return to broadcast the 2010 season.  That's awesome, sadly his contract will probably be the ONLY newsworthy move this off-season.  : / Stupid broken homes and paperwork. Oh, so now that Chip is out, is Vin in?

 Okay. I'm gonna share a secret with you right now...I watch(ed) entirely too much baseball and now there's proof.  At the begining of this past season, I started documenting the games I caught with a picture or screen cap of Vin Scully during his opening words or his anecdote prior to the 6th inning. I finally put together a .gif from my flickr files.  Don't judge my life or lack of one.  Let it load it the first time through and then watch it in real speed.

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