October 9, 2006


    Yay!! The babies!! This blog is self-serving to the max. I just like seeing my family on the internet, namely my cousin Danny because he has such anxiety about being on the infobahn. He's the one on the left on the Mother's day pillow, also the genius behind the cake regards. "Mitsy, I'm a grown ass man, once you're 30, you can't be on myspace. " He tells me that, ALL the time. My time is running out. He doesn't even like email, it's always a one-way exchange where I forward him a utube clip and he immediately calls me on the phone. The twist, he works for a telecommunications provider. We all put up with him because he fathered the two little ones pictured here (my favorites) and he's somewhat hilarious. My cousin "Little" (the other half of the pillow) and I have plans of creating Danny a profile, probably under the name "NEGRA." Make sure to add him. :)
Sorry for busting out the photo album, I had to do it.

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