March 3, 2011


      Made these corn dog cake pops for my best friend's (girl- childhood to ∞  category) birthday.  She loves corn dogs and is a corn dog.  These are "inside peanut butter outside jellllly" no they're not.  I just wanted to quote  Cadillac Don. They're actually chocolate innards, peanut butter shell with vanilla yellow candy melt "squiggle". 

I also made her some sugah Wu-kies from my own cookie cutter.

ANNNND the other day was my friend Nancy ah- ah- Ahn's birthday.

  Made these along with Melanie, my best friend (girl, high school- ∞ category) when she came to visit for CraftCamp spring 2011.  Hope you enjoyed the musical component of this post. :)


Melanie said...

Friend can you please stop showing off I'm gonna give up my hobby ;(

MiTSY said...

But I keep giving you properties and sending business your way. I never posted these on my blog. Alright, alright, I'll never make another cake pop again. I only make them to gift cause I'm too poor for real presents. :)