March 4, 2011


     KNOW NOW that if we play Words with Friends you're in for some deep shiiiit.  And I'm not boasting about the level of my gameplay but actual deep-lifes important decisions- type shit.    So don't engage unless you're ready for some in-game sideline WORDS with your friend Mitsy.  I didn't capture the rest of this chat, but it concluded with some cruise control reassuring from my friend.  "You'll adapt (really?)/ "you'd be a good Mom" ( I guess I do have birds?)   She doesn't know these are just my general concerns about child REARING, it'll take me a few rematches to voice my fears about "some dude jacking me and his sperm growing in my stomach" as Lizard Lemon put it. 

Note: I have no WORDS etiquette according to one A. Merriweather so be warned. I'll lock up the board with nonsense, blitz, sidebust, cock block and roll- all that, believe it.  Turn off your notifications cause I be on some late night word formulation.

Step to, step to....
Username: Murky_Dismal

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