March 31, 2011


    I send in onnne little image to one of my favorite Dodger blogs Vin Scully is my homeboy and all of a suuudden I'm accused of trolling forums and posting on message boards. I've never even thought of what user name I would have (EtchohuaquilaPark78) or nothing.  But I am always thinking up dumb retorts and smack to talk (back) that are best expressed through my photoshop skills. Usually they stay in my brain, this one actually made it to out.  It was well received.... bad news. That is all the encourgement I need to continue on my 2011 campaign to further pollute the interwebs with horrible hackneyed animated gifs & "shops."  Some folks (three) found it offensive, having anticipated this con-TRA-ver-sy I made a radio friendly edit.

   I still think the original version is more impactful and in the tradition of parking lot bootlegs I'm accustomed to.  I'm from the school of Calvin Hobbs pissing, little English hooligan kid flippin the bird and overall placing  a prefix/suffix of the suck or f*ck variety next to whatever team we're up against. It's comforting to me.  But I understand.  Like I wouldn't send my Dad the first one, but maybe the second one.


This is just a reminder.  Giants fans have always been stank, and that was before they even won ANYTHING.  So you can only imagine now.  FOH with your banner flying over our stadium.
Get hummmm-ble baby.

Let's revisit some of my old work.... (this should be animated)

And the crowd favorite and hilarious Apocalypto Chente...

I need to get cracking on my .psd catalog.
Opening day!!!
 So excited.  


Melanie said...

You are so cool friend ;)

MiTSY said...

So cool, soooo cool. :P