August 1, 2011


I want to live on this youtube channel forever! Fortunately there is countless heaps of awesome, more than even my vapid no-life of leisure allows me to get through. Still, I only nibble and lick off all it's recognizable features and wrap it right back up in it's gold foil. I must make this hollow chocolate bunny last. Like when I re-watch the sole season of Freaks and Geeks unhurried and in moderation because once Daniel gets all gutter punk on us it's a fasttrack of hermaphrodites, dwarves and disco. Then what? High and dry. High and dry.

Watch all your faves pour their hearts out through beautiful cinematography in these take-away shows. Here's two three of my favorite ones (so far). See Carla Morrison choke up and let the sadness out at the 4 minute mark. Aww, endearing.

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