July 8, 2011


       Just had a birthday. I had a small affair inspired by the party Stella (from the movie by the same name) threw for her daughter Jenny and by the colors pink and yellow, pink and yellow.  Here's some shots from what I learned is called a "table scape" and my other decorations. Pan to a week later and I'm still kicking my way through balloons on the floor and I've done the minimal to restore things back to order.   Can I leave it year round you think?

Pink and yellow candy bar.

       My Best friend girl LittleMissCuppyCake made some delicious rose frosted black bottomed cheesecake cupcakes and S'more cupcake minis! And helped me with the icing on my cake.

My guest of honor Isis, got all kinds of chocolate wasted!

And I got presents! Presents are my best thing.

Thanks everyone!
The End.

Also, el Tacobike recently made the CBS news.  I'm famous y'all!!! Click the screencap for the linkskie.

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Melanie said...

This was the best Stella inspired party yet! You really out did yourself on that tablescape hahaha. Can't wait for the next evet at you apartment ;)