November 24, 2011


Maybe I'd start going to my show receptions if there was tacos or pizza at the end of the stick. I need incentives. Critique and rubbing dry elbows does not entice. Needless to say I did not attend because I'm a jerk. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Maybe you didn't either and in that case I'm NOT sorry. Thankfully Rhinomilk via Arrested Motion did a little show coverage, click the image to link on over.

There's some stuff they didn't witness. Liiiiike El Tacobike showed up later that night- I really really need to finish up that bike. And there was a piece missing that night because I ran out of gas (not literally). But it's up now in the gallery and pictured below. I also threw in some filtered images I pulled off the INSTAGRAtuitous of cultofbeauty, chatos1013 & astrogirl.

Cool. Well, its up until the 9th of December. Thanks to all those that showed they face and made my Mom and Tia's night. They love you and your interest in OUR work. :) Special thanks to my loves in life that deal with my bullshit (whack hours, favors, errands, shitty attitude) and general weirdness. I love you countless. 

ADDENDUM:  Cukui did up this shirt of my Cria Cuervos print.  I guess it's sold out now but it came out real cute.  


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Booty Chesterfield said...

Love the new work. Then again I have always loved your art. Keep rocking like dokken, don that is...not george lynch...too much ego