August 14, 2007


Uggghhh, the Dodgers stink. They're slumpin' hard and no amount of prayer, ritual, superstition or Randy Newman is helping. (*note the bobbleheads on my bathroom altar) So I thought I'd put it out into the world wide interweb and hope for some intervention. It wasn't but two and a half weeks ago that LA was on top. What happened? Even Nomar has had it, he was ejected last night, the first time in his 1,300 game career. And now he's on the DL with a sprained calf. Alright, alright I know this isn't a MLBblog, so I'll quit now.

I really came on here to announce that I've put up some new image galleries. You'll be able to see more recent work along with some older stuff not found on my terribly outdated website. By the way, I have no way of updating my site so if you know flash, hit me up. I haven't finished all the updates but check out what I do have up and bookmark it for later later. Click the mock up for the link.

PostScript: The gallery theft coupled with the trolley Dodgers lack of offense drove me to retail therapy. Here are some more junk finds from TJROSSDISCOUNTS.

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