August 21, 2007


My accomplice Ricardo aka "Ramo" of $NAKE EYE$ interned with Jeremy Fish this summer and helped out & drew up "walk cycles" (I don't know? some animation term) for Aesop Rock's new video "None Shall Pass" off his new album by the same name. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO CHECK IT OUT. If you're not all super fan and have difficulty making your way through the labyrinth, hit me up and I'll supply the answer key. They're pretty simple questions, and for each one you answer correctly there's a mp3 or lyrics file you can DL. Check it.

*EDIT: I guess some people had difficulty breaching the site's def con 1 defense. So here, cheat off my paper. ANSWERS: Password (NSP), First door (c. Jeremy Fish), Second door (b. Music for Earthworms), Third door (c. Fast Cars), Last Door (blockhead). (Or check the video below)

How awesome is it that a team from Chicali (Seguro Social de Mexicali) is playing at Williamsport in the Little League World Series? They play tomorrow against the Latin American representatives & Taipei. I grew up in and around little league, so it's just fun to to watch kids CRY. Scratch that last part, but it does happen.

See...see... I've always bleed blue. Before Vlad there was Pedro Guerrero. :)

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