June 21, 2010


      I would like to thank all those that took time to write words of encouragement once the Lakers  had dropped games 2, 4 & 5 and thought the series was a Beantown wrap.  Hope that crow is to your liking.  Jerks. 

     Also, my brother is officially OUT from celebrating any Lakers championship parade today. Although I've asked to be unsubscribed from his mailing list he insists on his negatexts ruining my experience.  Here's how he copes with the pressure.
PAIN & GUILT:  1st quarter, not even 20 minutes into the game. 

ANGER & BARGAINING: Lower case not enough, he needed emphasis. I didn't even know he knew how to do all caps.

REFLECTION: Well, well, well...

ACCEPTANCE & HOPE:  Como si nada.

Alright now to find a link and take in some parade action. :P

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