June 10, 2010


        I've been training all week in order to be somewhat cognizant for tomorrow morning's fut, 7 AM?  Me lleva la _______.  Normal sleep hours are a challenge.  The best I've done is dozing off sometime between Jimmy Fallon's musical guest and the top stories on Sportscenter.   That lasted  all of 2 days.  I need to log Z's!  Let's hope the rage from witnessing the Bostonian Keltics antics (game 4) does not creep into my  nighttime head movies.  A slobbering high def Big baby in super shlomo does NOT a good look make.  Neither does this...

   So catch the Mundial vapors like the rest of us!  Get caught up on all the highs and lows beginning with this goofy good 86' Mexico World Cup footage set off with  innovative motion graphics amidst pre-Columbian interpretive dance.  This is all should have been covered in your brown studies courses. 

¡Vamos Mexico!   

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